Saturday, December 15, 2007

Appalachian state repeats

Applachian State repeats as National Champions. The Hens had no answer for the Mountaineers in a game that was marked by several instances of bad sportsmanship by both teams.

And yes, the Appy fans were still obnoxious.

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David Coulson covers the National Championship game here .

The Sporting News has a game recap here .


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think App.St. ran the score up, even a little bit? Delaware is a proud program and deserved to be treated as such, not embarrassed. And one other comment. Where was the stadium security to keep the fans in their seats until the game was over? Maybe it's time to look for a new venue for the Championship game.

UMass74 said...

Delaware was not competitive. The Hens defensetackled poorly. They did not wrap up all game. Flacco had his worse game as a Hen. Neither the Delaware offense or defense looked competitive with the Mountaineers.

I'm not sure if Appy ran the score up. Maybe.

Last year the Appy fans even tore up chunks of the field turf for souvenirs.

At least last year we held them to 28 points and it was tied in the fourth quarter.

Delaware was toast from the kickoff.

Anonymous said...

Ironic and fitting that Delaware and Michigan share the same uniform and colors....

Anonymous said...

We need to recruit bigger faster athletes as freshmen and as transfers. This is especially true along the DL. We aren't the only FCS school who signs transfers. We compete with many of the FBS schools for transfers also. I was checking Temple's facilities and roster and they actually have a transfer from Maine.

Now for something sacrilegious. If we can't recruit athletes to compete for the FCS national championship and are going to be a middle of the road team FCS, (like any other CAA north team and most of the CAA south teams), then we might as well join the FBS-MAC. Temple just became a full member of the MAC(which surprised me).

Temple uses the Philadelphia Eagles Stadium, however most of the MAC stadiums are in the 30K range which is what I think Buffalo was required to expand to when they joined the MAC.

Joining the BE is never going to happen without $200M and I am a few dollars short this week. :) The MAC is realistic and the travel distances isn't much different than the BE. We can also continue to win many of the other sports conference championships.

Following in Temple's footsteps, they first they joined as a football only member, makes a lot of sense and will give us time to upgrade our facilities IF you want to join the BE. Those of you who want FBS think of a 10-15-20 year plan and try and be somewhat realistic and objective.

D1scout said...

I watched the game on TV. I did not think ASU intentionally attempted to run up the score. The Mountaineers just had too much speed on both sides of the line and then there was AE at QB. He alone was a tough athlete to contain and to think he is only a Sophamore! App State should be in contention again next season for the National Championship in the FSC Division.

Anonymous said...

Last year I posted in favor of IA and thought we could afford to join the Big East.

I agree the BE is not very affordable or realistic. I also agree the MAC makes sense and that we could establish rivalries with their teams, esp. Temple and Buffalo. BC, Syracuse, and maybe Conn might be more inclined to play us if we were a FBS team.

Anonymous said...

No parts of the field turf were pulled up. It cant be torn up it is field turf in rolls.