Friday, December 14, 2007

Nice work to UMass Soccer & Basketball

As you know, I bleed Maroon & White for UMass football.

However, I did have UMass basketball season tickets for a number of years. Since moving to New Hampshire, Mrs. Blog and I have been doing weekend games.

Congratulations to UMass basketball for their big wins over Syracuse and Boston

Looks like someone finally figured out the college basketball is guard oriented.

Also kudos to UMass Soccer for their trip the the Final Four.

Be sure to check out the UMass All-Sports Blog by Bob McGovern. Despite the fact that I have snow tires older than he is, McGovern does an outstanding job covering all UMass sports.

Now if only he would explain what "offsides" is in hockey ?????????


Bob said...

Thanks for the comment Frank... isn't offsides the penalty called when I venture into hockey articles?

- Bob

UMass74 said...

Oh, crap!

You don't know either?