Saturday, December 15, 2007

This year's redshirts

While watching Appalachian State pull the legs off Delaware last night, I spent some time looking at the UMass roster.

If I didn't miss anyone, and I'm sure someone will point it out if I did , it looks like UMass had 15 red-shirts in 2007.

  1. Scott Wallace QB
  2. Octavious Hawking QB
  3. Shane Viveiros DB
  4. Emil Igwenagu LB/RB
  5. Jonathan Hernandez RB
  6. Josh Samuda C
  7. Johnny Evans LB
  8. Tim Nolan OL
  9. Michael Binkoski OL
  10. Brian Ostaszewki OL
  11. Justin Sawicki OL
  12. Tom Gilson WR
  13. Julian Talley WR
  14. Courtney Jackson DE
  15. Jonathan Emond WR
The players with no bio information are probably walk-ons. We also will have Chauncey Incarnato OL a transfer who was not eligible this year.

Barring any academic problems or players leaving the team, I looks like we are do not have heavy needs at OL and QB.

During later posts, we will look at what we do need in recruits this year.


Anonymous said...

Any more info on a D-Line transfer from B.C. I remember reading something about him. Pretty big kid. I know coach brown loves small fast guys but i really think we need a big D-lineman to take up some space and keep the pressure off the LB's. I think if we had a NG that was pretty good and close to 300lbs. teams wouldn't have run all over us late in the year. That was the scouting report. Run right at them and you will beable to run all day.

UMass74 said...

I heard about the BC transfer rumor, but I've not heard any confirmation.

Anyone have any details?

yes, Brown likes to chase athletes with athletes, but it would be nice to have a big DL for running plays and short yardage situations.

Anonymous said...

A wide-body would help in situational contexts, but Harrington is very athletic and only a sophomore, and who will likely gain some weight.

On another note, what can anyone tell me about the backups at RB behind Nelson? How is Igwenagu? Aguh? Will they be servicable backups to Nelson? --thanks

Anonymous said...

RE: Chauncey Incanto
Next year he will be a redshirt senior.
Why did he have to sit out this year since he dropped from IA to IAA?

2004 Notre Dame FR
2005 Indiana - R-FR - sat out
2006 Indiana - R-SO
2007 UMass - RS-JR ok why did he have to sit out the year?

Also on IR (Shoulder surgery)
65 OL Michael Boyle should be back. He may not be ready.

Anonymous said...

Coach Brown likes very small DT and plays a 2-5. Or he couldn't sign any 300 lb DT's. I think that is part of our problem. The kid from BC was highly rated in New England and was pretty big for a UM DE. I hope Coach Brown didn't tell him that he was going to play DT for us. I doubt he would come here as a DT if he dreamt about playing in the NFL.

He was supposed to have enrolled in the spring. Perhaps he changed his mind or is enrolling for the summer semester.

Anonymous said...

With all the redshirt freshmen OL and the need for a big NG why not Incarnato. He was recruited by a number of major schools as a NG. It looks pretty quick in practice for a big guy. He looks like he is close to 300. I also hear his has a mean streak on the field.

Anonymous said...

RE: Incarnato

Incarnato must sit out this year because of NCAA regulations that restrict the amount of transfers an athlete can do in a three year time period. Even though you can usually transfer from 1A to 1AA without sitting out a year.