Tuesday, January 01, 2008

UMass Football History

I've taken some time to edit and re-organize the scans of the various UMass Football Historical material in the "Scans of UMass Historical material" section of the blog. I've added date captions to all the images.

Also added were scans from 1976 that were in the main blog but never were placed in the historical folder.

The material covers:
  • 1971 roster and team photo
  • 1973 roster
  • Scans from game programs including rosters, coaches and other material for 1976 to 1980 inclusive.

The permanent link is in the side bar.

A direct link in this blog post is here .


Col Hogan said...

Thanks for your continued outstanding work keeping us UMass grads/fans informed...

UMass74 said...

You're welcome!

It's great to meet the UMass Football Community here.