Monday, October 01, 2007

Boston College Web Album by Drew Comeau

As Blog readers know, former UMass OLB Drew Comeau visits from time to time. He was a four year letter winner for the UMass defense from '86 to '89.

He attended the UMass-BC game and has sent us a number of of images from the game. I've made them into a short Picassa Web Album.

The Album is here .

Wish I could have been there.


Drew Comeau said...

My thoughts on this game...Great game atmosphere, nice weather, cozy 45k seat stadium, sold out.
Our kids played hard the whole game. Offensively we struggled in the first quarter, and that was the difference in the game. The struggling in the first quarter was due to some poor footing( a number of players stumbled out of the huddle, Lawrence was not able to cut on his first run from scrimmage(huge hole by the way), then Coen stumbled on the next play and had to fall on it. Then a penalty on Ducasse for a leg whip or chop, which I have heard was a bogus call. The crowd noise in the end zone was loud and the cadence was hard to hear. Did we practice with any crowd noise? We also were whistled for some false starts and overall just had bad field position in the first half. Giving Ryan a short field to work with is not recommended. He is an excellent precision passer, but he was hit hard by our D most of the game. Our D kept a potential "Heisman" candidate in check most of the game. I still would rather face Ryan than Ricky Santos or Armenti Edwards.

I don't like to point fingers, but, officiating was questionable all day. BC was whistled for about 7 illegal formations, but it seemed most of the calls went against UMass. There was one call for offsides right in front of me on a long BC drive on the UMass defense on a critical 3rd and 8 or so, and that gave BC a 3rd and 3 and they ran for the first down. I thought the receiver moved and it was a false start on them. The Umass DE did not move, but the call was on the UMass DE for offsides.(WTF) Some of the pass interference calls were questionable, and there were some interference calls that were correct calls on us. I thought we should have had one or two pass interference calls go our way, but no flags came out. The one call that hurt us most was for unsportsmanlike conduct after our second touchdown. I thought it may have been for excessive celebration, but they called it on JJ Moore. I don't know what he did, but the penalty gave them a short field to work with with a kick off from the 15. I read somewhere it was thrown for high fiving some fans?( I don't believe everything I read, but if it was thrown for that then that crew was definately biased)

To sum things up, we played BC tough, but I am not sure if we played to our best either. But then again, BC is a good team and now ranked 7th in FBS. Arguably we gave BC a better game than anyone they have played this year. It is not a moral victory, but it pads the sting of a loss. We have an excellent football team here at UMass, and UMass should do well the rest of the year in our division. It is also a great feeling that we can go toe to toe with a top 10 FBS BCS school who has 22 more scholarships than us. We need to get this game out of our system fast, and focus on Villanova. The bye week should help rest Coen and some others, and hopefully Listorti will be back. I think we would have beat BC with Listorti. Our TE's have done a good job, but Listorti brings a whole other dimension with his speed.

Keep up the great work on the blog!!

It sounds funny, but great overall job UMass on a tough loss to BC.

UMass74 said...
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UMass74 said...

Nice report. We did practice with crowd noise. We did look a little nervous in the first half.

Altogether, we did pretty good. Have to consider that we were playing a I-A top ten program at their place.

It would have been nice to win, but as long as we play with that level of intensity, I think it was worthwhile.

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