Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday morning reading

Bruce Dowd covers last week's game in the CAA (with a lot of ink for the UMass-BC game) and also previews tomorrow's CAA games here .

CSN covers this week's top-25 games here .

Charles Burton and Ralph Wallace cover the in's and out's of FCS/I-AA polling here .

Charles Colson covers last week's results in the FCS here .

EXTRA CREDIT READING: Maine is playing Hofsta. Story here . The game will be shown on tape delay on ESPNU at 10:00 pm.

Also UNH has a big game against Delaware at home on Saturday. The Wildcats already have two league losses. One more and their chances of going to the playoffs for the fourth straight year are problematical. Stories here and here .


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to last nite's Coaches show? I got nothing on the
internet feed!


UMass74 said...

I think there was screwup in the announcement.

I got nothing also. This is an off week. I don't think there was a show yesterday.

Next Thursday :)