Friday, October 12, 2007

Villanova articles

CSN has a "Top-25 in action" article here. Note that the UMass-Villanova section is garbled. They have Northeastern's players and stats where the Villanova write-up should be.

CSN columnist Charles Burton never misses a chance to pick against UMass and does so again picking the Cats over UMass 27-24.

The Boston Globe has an article on the UMass defense.

Villanova does not get much ink in their home town. Wildcat LB Michael Holland will miss a few games in November. He's donating bone marrow to a critically ill cancer patient.

UPDATE: CSN has fixed the typo in the Top-25 article.

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Anonymous said...

Burton is a Patriot League guy and a notorious UMass basher. He has now changed his pick to 30-10 UMass. He cites the reason that Villanova has lost their starting QB. This kid must be a future #1 draft pick if his abscence has that kind of impact on the game. I take all his picks with a huge chunk of salt.