Sunday, October 21, 2007

Road Trip III and Blog publishing schedule

The UMass Football Blog is off on its third road trip of the year. Mrs. Blog and I will be staying one day in Pennsylvania, three days in Shenandoah National Park and two days in Fredricksburg, VA culminating in seeing the UMass-William & Mary game on the 27th.


This Blog will not publish on this coming Tues, Wed and Thursday.

We are supposedly staying at motels with Wi-Fi tonight and on Friday and Saturday. However, regular Blog readers will remember that during my previous two trips, Wi-Fi connections did not work in Pennsylvania and Maine. If I can, I will try to update the Blog tomorrow and on Friday and Saturday. If there are no updates, be aware that I have no connection and will resume publishing as soon as I return (probably Sunday the 28th).


Anonymous said...

Have a good and safe trip. Go UMass! (and Pats and Sox!)

Anonymous said...

We are thinking of taking a road trip down to the UMass/William & Mary. This will be our 1st away, really away game. Where do UMass fans stay? Can we stay at the same hotel as the team?

Anonymous said...

The Ramada 1776 Williamsburg is a good place at more than decent rates, as is the Governor's Inn. Both are inexpensive and less than one mile to the stadium and W&M campus. Four Points Sheraton is always a good bet, although a bit farther from campus. I haven't stayed at Days Inn, but I think it to is OK --Prof.

Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Let's hope the rain holds off for Saturday. We hope to be at the game. Enjoy the rest of your week. It's so beautiful down there.