Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day after articles

Screen Cap-- UMass sacks Ryan. Right Click for a larger view.

A lot of after action reports today. The Boston papers typically focus on the UMass penalties. They don't mention how much pressure the UMass defense developed on Ryan. We were collapsing the pocket all game long. I would like to see how many knockdowns we had on him.

For what it's worth here is the media take:

The Hartford Courant is here .

The Boston Globe praises BC receiver Callander. They also think the game was a complete effort by BC. The Boston Globe focuses on UMass penalties.

Matt Ryan give some grudging praise for the way we played .

The Boston Herald has stories here and here .

Matty Vautour covers the game here (and he says Coen is OK), no mention of Nick Diana. Registration required for Hampshire Gazette articles, but worth it.

And lastly, the CAA covers the rest of the games in our league .

UPDATE: Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a game article here .


dennisdent said...

Other than Ryan's article, I'm still amazed that the Glob treats BC as the State's only football team. The Eagle's aren't the Pats...It will be nice someday when a UMass grad buys the Glob and makes changes in the Sports section...

UMass74 said...

The Herald consistently gives UMass more and more even handed coverage than the Globe does.

The Globe usually has a "slant" and it never tilts toward UMass...

9169479 said...

No, it will be nice some day when UMass has a football (basketball, lacrosse) program that the Globe can't ignore, i.e., sustained, top level success. The Globe DOES have an anti-UMass slant, unquestionably. But the only way we are going to change that is by making our athletics, academics and alumni support too important for the Globe to ignore (i.e., their readers (and advertisers) will demand fairer/more coverage - or start reading the Herald. We control our own destiny, and our efforts are better spent on making our school and athletics better, not moaning about the Globe. I hope this post shows that I'm not piling on dennisdent, just the "woe is us" attitude that I see all too often.

dennisdent said...

Just wondering where I wrote "woe is us"? That's your interpretation of what I wrote. I'm just amazed that the Glob sees BC (must be the "Boston" in the Glob name) as the college football team of the state.

You would think that the Glob could be (or at least attempt to be) impartial when two Mass schools play. One would think that a for-profit newspaper like the Glob would be interested in the business (paper sales, advertising, future employees, ownership) of others then BC types.

Always trying to pick a fight aren't you: : "Used to be VOR..."

Frank thanks for the great job with the blog!

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