Saturday, October 20, 2007

UMass dominates Northeastern

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UMass and Liam Coen had a crisp first half as UMass was in control all game. With Liam hurt, both sides did not do anything in the second half. Big tailgate crowd. The stadium looked mostly full by the end of the second quarter.

UMass write-up here.

Huskies write-up here.

Richmond beat Rhode Island, Colgate beat Towson and Stony Brook edged Maine in overtime.(Ouch) CAA write-up here .


John said...

Interesting game. I thought the offense played well. Could have been a higher scoring game if they threw it more, but obviously running game did the job. Kind of worried about Coen. I was not impressed with the offense under Woodward. I think if Coen can not play against W & M or URI, they will be okay, but I don't know about UNH, or HOfstra. Defensively, they were interesting, made 5 turnovers, but I thought they allowed NU to move the ball to well, especially on third down. Of course, they came up with the big plays when needed, but if they didn't the score could have been completely different. In other news, Appy state lost to Georgia Southern. Are then officially done for the playoffs with 2 losses? 1- 3 all won so I don't think UMass moves up from 4. What do you think?

UMass74 said...

Coen looked pretty chipper in the press conference video. He said he would be ready to go against William & Mary.

With two league losses, Appalachian State will be on the road for a playoff game if they do not loose again. One more loss and they could be in trouble.

I think UMass stays a #4, which is fine by me.