Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Villanova News

UMass has its Villanova game notes up. Nothing yet from the Cats.

Villanova's starting QB Anton Young injured himself coming out of the tunnel against William & Mary. He may be out for the season.

Their backup QB is a 6-3 220 pd true freshman Christopher Whitney from Warminster, PA

Comment: As you know there has been a lot of ink about UMass' Alumni Association inability to attract many UMass grads. We need more marketing. In Italy, they know how to increase football attendance .

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Anonymous said...

7,000 Euros = $9,864.40 USD
7,000 British Pounds = $14,231.6 USD

A little effort by the AD Fund raising Department would go a long way toward raising revenue. If they/we can raise more money than a persons's salary then start adding people. If they/we don't have a fund raising arm/office in Boston, Worcester, and Pittsfield, then someone should ask some serious questions why not. Its time for the AD to come of his office and get serious about fund raising instead of coming up with excuses and pointing his finger at the alumni. When is the last time the AD himself called on some businessmen and invited them to meet with him and attend a football game?

Go after businesses in Boston, Worcester, Springfield. Get someone a car and have him call on businesses every day. The alumni donations are frosting on the cake. The big money will always come from businesses.