Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Could Coach Brown be leaving?

As you know, this Blog is a great fan of Coach Don Brown. The Blog likes his football, his recruiting and his emphasis on academics. Coach Brown has stated UMass could be a place he could retire in (at?). The UMass Football Blog hopes he does just that.

But some domino's may fall soon. There has been speculation that Coach Wannstedt at Pittsburgh must win tonight's Navy game to escape the ax. The game is on ESPN tonight.

If Wannsteadt goes, one of the top coaches that should be considered for the Pittsburg job is Mark Whipple. Whipple's son was a walk-on QB for Pitt, but is not on the current roster. He was also the former QB coach for the Steelers.

Rumor has it that Whipple did not get the Boston College job because he wanted his own set of assistant coaches, including Brown as Defensive Coordinator, and BC wanted to keep most of the current staff.

If Whipple should get the Pitt job, this Blog would think he would offer to Brown.

UPDATE: Pitt did indeed loose to Navy.This article says it will cost Wannstead his job.


Anonymous said...

Where have I seen this before?Thread from AGS(Any given from 12.26.06 by KAUMASS.

FYI and question for all UMass and AGS fans..With former UMass Head coach Mark Whipple(Q-backs coach for Pittsburgh Steelers)in line lurking somewhere for a BS Head Job, when he gets it, does he bring in current head coach Brown as his D-Coordinator like it was in '98? Whipple will probably end up getting a lower level team in a bigger conference, like a UConn-(Edsell will be on the hotseat next year!!) or a Kentucky or Missouri type of a school..Would Brown take it if UMass was not committed to going to BS level?? Money would be better as a D-Coordinator at a school like that then the current pay as a head man at UMass(money is not everything, but..) Thoughts, comments, concerns?....Believe me, I'm concerned...

Anonymous said...

I don't think Coach Brown would be offered the DC position of a NFL team. However he will be offered a NFL position coach job within the next few years, either by Whipple or another coach, and it will be at a higher pay rate than he is getting now.

He will have a few choices to consider.

* NFL - While a position coach he might get the opportunity to become a DC. While that might be attractive, there is the possibility/probability of getting fired within a few years like Whipple did.

* UMass AA - As long as we remain AA he will have the stability of being the head man at UM for as long as he wants to remain here.

* UMass A - The challenge of taking an AA team to an A team cannot be underestimated. His whole recruiting procedure would change radically, transfers will not line up to come here. The pressure to take his team to a bowl game also cannot be underestimated. Failure usually resulted in getting fired.

Anonymous said...

I find this statement from 6 months ago hilarious - "Whipple will probably end up getting a lower level team in a bigger conference, like a UConn-(Edsell will be on the hotseat next year!!) or a Kentucky or Missouri type of a school"

My, how quickly the D1A picture has changed.

Beyond that, I've always heard rumors Brown chafed as the DC under Whipple - thought Whipple was getting too much credit, personality clashes, etc. No idea how true they are, but if true that's a strike against a renewed partnership.

Anonymous said...

Coach Brown (recall the Belichick/Parcells and Belichick/Mangini tandems) has little to gain from taking a position with Mark Whipple. I think he has demonstrated the ability and vision to lead a program and will likely result, should he choose to leave, in an offer from a BS-level job, most likely with a solid shot at a mid-major program. I would argue against his leaving UMass for an assistant coaching position unless it provided him the level of security and fulfillment he surely would seek. This is not a myopic intellect we're talking about here.