Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vote for the UMass Football Blog

The 2007 nominations for the Weblog Awards are pending. As you know the UMass Football Blog has been in existence since June of 2005.

Since then I've made 1,672 posts (not counting this one) and thousands of links for UMass fans.

You can go here and click on a button that gives the UMass Football Bog some sort of points that are taken into consideration in the awarding of the "Best of the Web" awards.

The UMass Blog is the 12th or 13th blog down. I'm wedged between a blog about the Kansas City Royals and a Blog titled "Your mother slept with Wilt Chamberlain" :)


Anonymous said...

I'm there!

Anonymous said...

Got you covered


Anonymous said...

Voted & Posted!

UMass74 said...

Thanks to all who took the time of vote for the UMass Football Blog!