Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday--April 18th, 2017

The UConn newspaper looks at the UMass-UConn rivalry. Wikipedia actually has an entry on UMass-UConn.

The three New England schools should make a concerted effort to play each other in as many sports as possible. Fan interest is low at all three schools.

UConn will probably be picked last in the AAC in football when the college football magazines come out in June. BC's football 2017 recruiting class was last in the ACC (for the fifth consecutive year). UConn's was 10th in the AAC.

There should be a three-team "New England" championship every year. Throw in hockey and basketball. Add the Olympic sports. Have a trophy for football, hockey and basketball and one for all-sports total.


Mississippi State goes for a defensive makeover.


With the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, the BYU Cougars eye playing in the Raiders stadium.


The Athens Post profiles Ohio QB Nathan Rourke.


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Anonymous said...

love the idea of a New England Championship