Monday, April 03, 2017

Monday--April 3rd, 2017

Jeff Lajoie of the Hampshire Gazette profiles new UMass DL coach Dave Wissman.

Wissman will have more defensive line depth this year. That may have been part of the reason to switch to a four-down front.

Ali Ali-Musa 6-2 274 SR
Domenico Cipriani 6-3 290 RS FR
Basit Dennis 6-1 268 RS JR
Leon Flanagan, Jr 6-1 212 SO (listed as a LB last year. DE this year?)
DaVone Hall 6-3 315 JUCO RS JR
D'Shan Harley 6-5 215 RS SO
Sha-Ki Holines 6-3 257 RS SR
Roderick Jones 6-2 260 RS SR
Mario Patton 6-0 297 RS SO
Alex Piechocki 6-6 260 FR
Joe Previte 6-2 269 RS JR
Sharif Saleem 6-5 251 RS FR
Charlie Timite 6-3 307 RS FR

I would speculate Ali Ali-Musa, Sha-Ki Holines and Mario Patton would be three of the starting four DL. That would leave one position open. Joe Previte played well before suffering an elbow injury late in the season.


Underdog Dynasty previews the 2017 Sun Belt conference. UMass will be an honorary member this year as we play Georgia Southern, Appalachian State and Coastal Carolina.


Georgia Southern returns to their signature option offense this year and ran for 371 yards and five TD's in their Spring Game Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Chris Herren, UMASS assistant bball coach, announcement coming...

Viccruz said...

Davonte Hall and Rod Jones will likely see a lot of time too on DL

Anonymous said...

Marcus Campby and Dr. J are returning, announcement Thursday PM. Solid choice...they will also work with the football program on PATs!!! Believe.

P.S. Obviously this is a joke. I used to take the late night anonymous posts seriously, but now I laugh at them just like I laughed writing the comment above.