Thursday, April 06, 2017

Thursday--April 6th, 2017

UMass senior Fabian Hoeller has been named to the 2017 National Football Foundation Hampshire Honor Society.

Hoeller had 39 career starts for the Minutemen. Congrats to Fabian for getting it done in the classroom as well as the football field.

As Matty Vautour reported yesterday Lukas Kotler or Derek Dumais will probably be his replacement at center.

One thing I meant to mention in yesterday's blog post is the setup of the UMass line will be a little different due to Andrew Ford being left handed. Usually, your left tackle (on the QB's blind side) is the team's best pass blocker. The right tackle is usually the best run blocker as most teams run right more than they do left. With Ford as a lefty, this will probably be reversed.


BYU has been ranked #48 in the preseason College Football Power rankings.

UMass is ranked #114 with a predicted record of 4.1 wins and 7.9 losses.

Complete list here.

UMass 2017 opponents rankings and projected win-losses

Hawaii #107 (4.2-7.2)

Coastal Carolina #117 (5.2-6.8)

Old Dominion #93 (6.3-5.8)

Temple #83 (5.2-6.9)

Tennessee #19 (7.9-4.3)

Ohio #91 (7.0-5.3)

USF #51 (9.8-2.8)

Georgia Southern #113 (4.8-7.2)

Appalachian State #74 (8.6-3.4)

Mississippi State #33 (6.1-6.0)

Maine (not rated)

BYU #48 (8.6-4.4)

Boston College is #70 (4.3-7.7) and UConn is #121 (3.0 7.7)



Anonymous said...

Good bye Onte Clark... hey Zach Lewis...thanks for changing your mind,big senior year in Slamherst.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Zach Lewis is staying home! Also great news about Chris Herren:)