Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday--April 21st, 2017

#10 Brennon Dingle

#36 Cycoby Burch
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Dan Malone has a post on the Spring Game.

Matty Vautour covers the Spring Game. Matty also has Chris Berman enjoyed coaching the Spring Game.

UMass's write-up on the game here.

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As both Malone and Vautour said, with a split squad it the game was more of less a scrimmage.

However, I thought a couple of players stood out. We've been hearing Brennon Dingle was good. In the Spring game he was the best offensive player on the field. He went 8-109 including a nifty opening series from Andrew Ford. UMass fans are going to like him.

On defense, I thought Cycoby Burch stood out. He's another three-star recruit who redshirted last year. Burch finished the night with 2 INT's 4 UT's and 1 BKUP. The Minutemen defensive secondary was a liability last year. Burch looked like an impact player among defensive backs.

Marquis Young looked bigger and stronger running the ball. JUCO QB Michael Curtis and Randall West floated some passes that led to interceptions. Ford only played one or two series. Many potential starters sat out the game or played only a little.

Nobody got hurt.


Earlier in the day Adam Breneman and Steve Casali were named recipients of the new Michael Bowland Award


How Kansas State's Bill Snyder's unconventional recruiting strategy keeps the Wildcats competitive. UMass' situation is similar to Kansas State's. Both schools need all the recruiting streams they can manage.



zarch said...

Thought late Brennon Dingle hurt his right ankle. By the end he was on it but initially was not putting much weight on the leg. Eventually went to the table for some time.

zarch said...

Should not have said right ankle but the one that had the ace bandaged wrapped around his calf.

Anonymous said...

5* recruit from PA signing this week. First of many transfers from the ACC. Big things ahead. #Firethemusket!!

UMass74 said...

It's early here in New Hampshire, but I'll take a hit off whatever you're smoking :)

McKinney said...

Good one there anon :D