Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday--April 29th, 2017

This article from News reports Coach Whipple and AD Ryan Bamford have discussed adding Liberty to future UMass schedules. The article states Whipple and Bamford will meet this weekend to discuss future scheduling.

Liberty is in Lynchburg, Va if you've forgotten. BTW, the Flames are in the process of a $1 billion dollar  facilities construction that includes a indoor football practice facility.

The Flames are serious about their football.

UMass, Liberty, Army and New Mexico State could form a unofficial mini-conference. It would sure make scheduling easier.


ESPN predicts Mississippi State has a 95% chance of win against the Minutemen when they meet on November 4th, 2017.


Appalachian State lost five commitments to Power Five teams late in last year's recruiting period. The App State coaching trust thinks the new recruiting rules could help Group-of-Five schools.



zarch said...

Yesterdays question and answers with AD Ryan Bamford has scheduling questions answered, stuff about McGuirk and a little bit about TV. He also mentioned he met with Coach Mark Whipple for two hours and they came up with 8 strategic initiatives for the next few years.


UMass74 said...

above link

Anonymous said...

The recent,highly successful fundraiser for UMASS athletics, points out how far the department has come. Gone are the days of McCutcheon and Kenney, doing nothing! Even when FBS upgrade was announced, they never attempted to seriously raise any funds. Kenney always privately bad mouthed football upgrade, so we knew where he stood. Refreshing to have administrators who work, and who care. UMASS athletics is finally turning the corner.

Anonymous said...

I wish our state and administration would invest in the football program like other fledgling programs have. UConn had a $90 million (closer to $120 million in today's money) built when they moved up. Charlotte got a new stadium. CCU is expanding.

We got to play in the Patriot's stadium... They may have video boards that say home of the Minutemen, but as long as the field says Patriots and the seats are blue, Gillette is an NFL stadium first and foremost.


TopUMassFan said...

Frank, I watched some of the AD's videocast and I was less than thrilled.

NO real talk about any possible conference alignment for the next 4-5 years...not good.

NO real talk about any improvements to McQuirk...not good.

Three star recruits expect to play for Bowl opportunities, league titles and in facilities better than their High School had. Not only does Umass NOT have these things (excluding Gillette), were not even talking about them, even remotely.

The fan base deserves something to gang our hopes on, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous that every May UMASS has every graduate and guest attend the festivities at McGuirk. Elderly and handicapped can't easily attend. Everyone ruins their shoes from the rocks and gravel. Then must take a five minute walk through the gravel to use restroom. Never mind lack of concessions, or the ability to purchase gear, for the new grads. Forget about just football,this is the first look at UMASS for some guests, and the last look for the grads.smfh

Anonymous said...

Too bad about Flowers and Pipkins. Hope they enjoy waiting and watching for a whole year.