Saturday, April 08, 2017

Saturday--April 8th, 2017

Matty Vautour has a post on UMass RB Marquis Young. UMass has two scholarship RB's on the roster for 2017.

Marquis Young JR who went 12-12 GP-GS 197-898 4.6 AVE 4 TD's 83 LONG 74.8 ave/g

Bilal Allay SO 9-0 GP-GS 17-97 5.7 AVE 34 LONG 10.8 ave/game

Matty goes on to relate Khari Bailey-Smith has worked out or will be working out for a number of pro teams.

Bailey-Smith totaled 11-11 GP-GS 41 UT 24 AT 69 TT (third on team) 1.0 TFL 4 BRUP's

CSN has a post on Bailey-Smith working out for the Pats.


Per Mike Traini at "Fight Massachusetts" the Minutemen will hold their second Junior Day of 2017 this weekend.


Adam Breneman talks about leaving Penn State and his friendship with current Nittany Lion TE Gisicki.


Mississippi State will have their Spring game today at 4:00pm. The game will be on the SEC Network and a couple of the ESPN clones.

SEC Country has five things to watch for in the game.

The Minutemen will tangle with the Bulldogs in Starksville on November 4th.



Anonymous said...

UMASS BBall just got a 4* to flip#gamechanger

Chizzle15 said...

Man... one of these days Anonymous is going to be right and I am so ready for that to happen.


Anonymous said...

What a nice, connected staff McCall has assembled. No more old men, who do nothing, but throw chairs and act like boys, no more drinking buddies from Youngstown. Just basketball guys, with a New York, and New England flavor, as well as the south. Get ready for some ballers to get to THE ZOO. Also don't be mislead by the roster, Roe will be listed until HR gives the OK to dump him. To those much is given, we expect more, not headaches, and poor judgement.

Anonymous said...

Really? "THE ZOO" Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to offend you Lou, with the Zoo moniker. I think you should worry about other things going on in your life. Just saying.