Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20th, 2017---Spring Game Day!

Hope to see everyone at the Spring Game tonight. It's also an excellent time to renew or join the Gridiron Club. I just got my "thank you for your recent donation" letter from the athletic dept yesterday.

If you can't afford the basic membership, send any donation. Your name on the football donor list really helps in the culture wars. They'd probably rather have 100 people send $10 than one person send $1000. Being a member shows people care about the program. Your name has a real "force multiplier" effect. Help UMass football win.

Details on the Spring game here.


Matty Vautour has a post on the Spring game. He notes Shane Huber (still rehabbing a torn ACL) plus Ali Ali-Musa, DaSean Downey and Sha-Ki Holines will all sit out the game. Those are four defensive starters, so hopefully they'll all be ready to go by summer.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has details of the contract UMass received for playing at Georgia in 2018.


UMass' last opponent of the coming season BYU, will feature running backs by committee.


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Anonymous said...

Well Matt McCall will be making his coaching debut at UMass, only it will be football, maybe he's looking for potential BB players since most of the talent on BB team is leaving.