Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday--April 10th, 2017

Video of the Western Massachusetts National Football Association's meeting with remarks by Coach Whipple is available here.


Fan Sided has a story on the Kansas City Chiefs working out Khary Bailey-Smith.


Athlon Sports ranks the starting QB's for all 130 2017 FBS teams. Andrew Ford is #68 ahead of all but a couple teams in our 2017 opponent schedule.


The Virginia-Pilot says Conference USA will have to change to adapt to a changing TV market. If Conference USA splits into an East and West division, I would think UMass would consider making a bid as a football-only member.


If you missed it, Amherst College has dropped the "Lord Jeff's" sports nickname and has changed to "the Mammoth's".



Texas Aggies WR Kirk Merritt explains exposing himself to two female academic tutors on "a bad case of jock itch"


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