Saturday, April 01, 2017

Saturday--April 1st, 2017

AD Ryan Bamford Tweets UMass has already sold more new football season tickets than we did all 2016.


Former UMass football player and long time Hoosac Valley football coach Joe Doyle to receive the Henry A Butova Awward. Joe Doyle lettered at UMass in 1963 and 1964.


Football Scoop has a post on how a successful sports program can transform a university. Things have changed at Gonzaga since they became good at hoops. Quote from the article:

"– The endowment has bubbled from $67 million to $212.9 million (217.8 percent)
– Annual fundraising has grown from $13.4 million to $31.1 million (127.7 percent)
– Total donors have grown from 7,006 to 13,261 (a modest 89.3 percent growth)"


Coastal Carolina, UMass' 2nd 2017 opponent has scheduled two games with South Carolina. The last time the Chants faced the Gamecocks, they lost 70-10. The Minutemen will play Coastal Carolina again in 2018 at Amherst.

Meanwhile, there are allegations that the Chants cheerleading squad have been bad girls.


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