Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Wednesday-- September 3rd, 2014

The UMass game notes, depth chart and other material for the Colorado game is up on the UMass website.


For the Colorado Buffs, the trip to Gillette will be the longest ever continental trip for a game. They can't wait.

The Bulls are working on their run defense and prepping for UMass.

The Colorado Blog "Ralphie Report' said the Colorado State Rams ran through the defenseless Buffs.


Jesse Allen of Hustle Belt reports on the Minutemen's loss to Boston College


The Daily Camera says the Buffs can't afford a loss to UMass.

Colorado's young defense ends have a small learning curve.


Dan Malone has changes to the Minutemen's two-deep.

UMass is again a 17 point underdog.

Yeah! Highly touted transfer Jean Sifrin is eligible to play and is practicing with the team. We all knew the first four games of 2014 were going to be tough. For example, after looking at the results from the MAC's week #1, what league teams do you think would have beaten Boston College last Saturday? We're hoping to make our improvement later in the schedule and Johnson and Sifrin will certainly help.


Matty Vautour looks at J.T. Blyden's first game and other Minutemen notes. UMass backs didn't have a bad day against Don Brown's killer defense. Wilson, Blyden and Woodley went a combined 17-76 4.47 AVE. We lost only one yard rushing by a running back.


The big salaries of BCS head coaches are justified study finds.


James Ihedigbo is still sitting out Lion practices.


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