Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday-- September 29th, 2014

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Shadrach Abrokwah scores.


The UMass website has video highlights and interviews from the Ball State game.


Matty Vautour has notes from the Minutemen-Falcon game.

More on the video board crash.

Matty has UMass fans helped celebrate the Minuteman's return to McGuirk.


Blake Frohnapfel is 7th in all of FBS in passing yards. He's 20th in passing yards per game. Blake is 18th in yards per completion.

Tajae Sharpe is 8th in FBS receiving yards. Tajae is 15th in receiving yards per game.

UMass is 27th in all of FBS in fewest penalties.


The Collegian asks if UMass students are football fans.

The Collegian says the students did tailgate.


Miami (Ohio) was leading Buffalo in the fourth quarter, but lost.

The Redhawks have a GS QB from Notre Dame. Their starting TE Alex Welsh is also a Notre Dame transfer.


The Cleveland Plain Dealer says contenders emerge in MAC division races.


The Wall Street Journal asks if blowouts are increasing in college football.



vetteson said...

Umass is Umass, and the kids will never change. Honestly, after 43 years I have not talked to one student who came here for the sports. However, I have talked to students who came here specifically to be in the band. I interviewed one child who was considering UMass because it had great UF (ultimate frisbee). It is what it is.

Umass has no margin for error. As stated before, a lot of the positions are still filled with FCS level players. Turnovers, missed tackles etc. will kill us every time. And what is with Lorenzo Woodley? I know I'm missing something but it seems to me he would have done a better job than the two other backs.

Anonymous said...


I love your blog and your comments but you've got Ball State on your mind...It was bowling Green of course. I can help you with this but I can't do anything about the students. Who goes to an athletic event and leaves before it is over ?????

UMass74 said...

You're right! I keep doing that. Well, by November 12th, I'll be correct.

UM2010 said...

I know everyone is harping on the students and rightfully so. Having graduated within the last 5 years, here is my take. The students primarily see the game as a social event with the tailgate being the highlight of that event. For the ones that make it into the game, there is no reason for them to stay in the stadium at McGuirk as most high school fields have better amenities. No one (not just the students) wants to go to a vendor truck to get food or have to leave the stadium (more or less) to go wait in line for a Porta-Potty. The stadium itself is a huge detractor for a lot of people, not just the students. Obviously I don't have any answers on how to make the stadium better without spending a lot of cash, or else I wouldn't be posting them here. As beautiful as the new football facility, the Stadium itself is stuck in 1960. This needs to change to put a real shine on the program.

One other thing that can't be changed easily is the scheduling. No student really cares to watch their team take on Bowling Green. I bet 95% of the students could tell you what state BG is even in. If McCutcheon could somehow persuade a UConn or a BC or someone else big and relevant to come to McGuirk, then you would see the students sticking around past halftime.

Finally, WINNNING helps. The team is definitely on the rise and the future look bright, but winning fixes everything.