Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday--September 18th, 2014

Dan Malone says Trey Dudley-Giles continues to impress on special teams. Trey has gone 7-248 35.4 AVE 77 LONG. If he keeps up this pace, Trey will shatter Dennis Dent's 1978 single season average of 28.31.

Alex Kenney and Austin Whipple return to Penn State.

Matthew Wylie is ready to kick if called on.


Matty Vautour says connections run deep between UMass and Penn State.

He also reports on if Christian Hackenberg will join a list of UMass opposing players to star in the NFL.


The UMass Daily Collegian says Minutemen kicking is still undecided.

The Collegian says UMass is in for a challenge.


Trey Dudley-Giles isn't the only UMass player doing well. Jovan Santos-Knox is leading the nation in tackles. Through 3 games he has 42 total tackles. A projected 186 TT over 12 games would blow away the UMass single season record of 140.5 bay Kole Ayi in 1998. Joe Colton's 34 tackles would place him third in Minutemen single season TT's. He'd be .5 TT behind Khari Samuel's 136.5 in 1998.


FYI, Blake Frohnapfel, through three games has 117.8 EFF 619 yards and a 206.3 yards/game. Last year A.J. Doyle and Mike Wegzyn had EFF ratings of 99.1 and 94.6 respectively. Doyle averaged 115.8 yards per game and Wegzyn 60.3.


The York Daily News says the Whipple family returns to Happy Valley.

The reports the Whipples return to a place they call home.


Max Moore of Hustle Belt has five questions with Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries.


The Penn State blog Victory Bell Rings says Penn State is looking to get their running game going against the Minutemen.

The same blog has three Nittany Lion players to watch against UMass.


The Centre Daily Times looks at Alex Kenney's return to Happy Valley.



Anonymous said...

Another hit and run on UMASS football. This time WBZ TV. Why say only 10,000 attended against Colorado, ignoring over 30k went the week before. Let's do an expose on the free ride catholic schools get, paying no taxes, while making big bucks in the ACC. Nah, too many at this station were either cheerleaders there or get free passes for games for their families.
Stick to covering the weather and reporting how great the red sox, and patriots are. Try beating up Belichuk, nah it's easier beating about UMASS 100 miles away.

Liam Cabri said...

love the schedule good luck this year!One of my friends go to Umass for football . Hope everything works out this year for you and the team . Good luck my dude !