Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sunday--September 7th, 2014

Game captains

Robert Kitching can leap at 307 pounds

Stanley Andre makes the tackle

Jean Sifrin

Wilson Scores! 

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Well, I'm driving home and I'm disappointed we didn't beat a PAC 12 team in the second game of the Whipple Era :)

UMass scored 45 points in two games this year. I checked the Press Guide and we didn't pass the 45 point mark until the second half of game #6 in 2013 (Miami Ohio).

The offense had the best point day since October 10th, 2011 and they did it against a PAC-12 team, not Central Conn.

Jean Sifrin is the real deal. He had a highlight catch of the FBS era and looked like his recruiting hype was true and then some. He should be even more of a weapon once he gets more of the offense. He couldn't have had many plays with only a few practices.

If you missed Sifrin's video clip it's here.

Frohnapfel looked a lot more comfortable. He threw for 20-38-267 3 TD's and 1 INT (which was tipped) and I thought it hit the ground. We had three receptions of over 30 yards.

Colorado eventually quit kicking to Trey Dudley-Giles. He had 99 yards in returns.

The UMass defense did much better against the Colorado run game. They did tire in the second half, but we knew we need more bodies up front. The defense did force five punts and one fourth down try. We did have 2 sacks and one INT. One Buff TD was on a great scramble pass from Sefo. We were one yard from getting the ball back with a chance to win the game.


Dan Malone says UMass lost the lead to the Buffs.

He report that Jean Sifrin had a breakout game.


Matty V. says UMass drops a shootout.

He said the Minutemen showed a big improvement over game 1.

He also said Jean Sifrin catches on quick.


The Daily Camera said the Buffs edge UMass in a seesaw battle.

ESPN Boston says Sifrin is a catch for UMass.


The Ralphie Report said the Buffs survived.


Max Moore of Hustle Belt said UMass failed to hold off Colorado in the second half.


It was a mixed bag for the MAC in Week #2. The league went 3-7 in an OOC week. Central Michigan and NIU both beat Big 10 teams. Miami lost to FCS Eastern Kentucky.

All of Hustle Belt's MAC coverage here.


Ole Miss crushed Vanderbilt 41-3. Ole Miss never punted and they held the Commodores to 9 first downs.

Vandy Blog "Anchor of Gold" reacts.



izy1 said...

This quote from Whipple needs repeating-
“We’re teaching football to a bunch of guys. Our effort is really good. We’re gonna come to play,” Whipple said. “They’re a lot of fun to be around. But they’ll be a lot more fun to be around when they learn how to win. And that’s my job to get them to learn how to do that.”
Great game UMASS- you guys got it to within 3 of a PAC 10 team (unlike 50 point blowouts as in the past)- the best thing you guys came away with is you proved you can play to win
You guys deserve positive comments long overdue-GO UMASS

TopUMassFan said...

Great effort against the Buffalos! The team looked much better, more relaxed and comfortable with eachother.I would like to see more of Kenney but time will help. Defense needs more pressure but they plated well overall.

There were some mental mistakes and poorly timed penalties or questionable calls.

The fans were into the game and stood on third downs and got loud (as loud as 19,000 can). McQuirk needs to be sold out and we can give the team the "12th man" they deserve.

Better days are can see it!