Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday--September 11, 2014

Mrs Blog and I are off on our annual Fall Ramble. We're heading to Virginia Beach for a week and then up to State College, PA to see the Penn State-UMass game. As usual, I'll try to keep the Blog going while dealing with the vicissitudes of Wi-Fi.


Dan Malone on the rebirth of Marken Michel. His UMass bio. Michel has the speed and hands to get a NFL free agent contract if he tends to business this year and next.


The fourth of the UMass-Vanderebilt series has been called off.


UMass is trying to prepare for anything from the Commodores quarterbacks position.


Matty Vautour says the Minutemen look to get the run game going.


The UMass Daily Collegian says UMass prepares for a SEC opponent on the road.

The Collegian reports UMass wants to better its third down defense.


Box has Derek Mason and Vanderbilt players preview the UMass game.

The State previews the Minutemen-Commodores game.


The Cardinal thinks the Big Ten should look at some MAC teams.


The MAC's Week #3 TV schedule.



vetteson said...

Last week UMass matched Col. in stats (for the most part), and the defense bent in the second half but came together enough to give UMass another touchdown, something that has rarely happened in the 4th quarter.

This week gives UMass the best chance to win its first game against a BCS opponent. A lot came together, finally, in the Colorado game. I watched the rerun of the Vandy/Miss. game and Vandy's offense is truly dreadful. They have a speedy back and that's about it. Not one of the QBs' has had any success and the plays look unrehearsed. They will be better against us, no doubt, but if UMass puts together a game like they did against Col., they have a good chance.

izy1 said...

one could only hope