Saturday, September 13, 2014

Game Day--Vanderbilt September 13th, 2014

I think all UMass fans are excited the changes Coach Whipple has brought to UMass. It would be really great if the Minutemen would upset Vanderbilt today. The Commodores are still a SEC team with loads of three and four star players. They turned the ball over seven times against Temple and Ole Miss was just a juggernaut.

Lets hope UMass plays well and we'll see how the chips fall. If we don't win, we still know how much the Minutemen improved in the last six months.

Go UMass!


A kind blog reader alerted me to a story in the Globe about Jean Sifrin.


Dan Malone says today's matchup is a meeting of hungry, but winless teams.


Matty Vautour reports Vanderbilt will try to correct their QB woes against the Minutemen.


The Vanderbilt Bog Anchor of Gold has game predictions from the Commodore side.


The Daily News Journal tries to explain why Vanderbilt is still a 17 point favorite over UMass.


The Boston Herald says the Minutemen are starting to believe.


The State reports Vanderbilt continues to search for a quarterback.


Cincinnati beat Toledo and Baylor beat Buffalo in Friday night football. The MAC website has details. Both games were actually closer than I expected.

Hustle Belt has a story on the Bulls-Baylor game.

New Toledo QB Logan Woodside had a very good game against Cincinnati.


An SB Nation has Colorado beating the spread against Arizona State.


The New York Times reports things are still riled up at Penn State.



TopUMassFan said...

Where was Sifrin this week? Game still on but UMass down with a minute left.

They don't know how to win yet. Too many mistakes, too many third down conversions given up and too many third down conversions not made by offense.

They are close but everyone needs to step up. EVERYBODY. Game still on, UMass on 35. Come on Mass! Long to the 20! In FG range to tie. 1st and 10.

Prove me wrong, Guys! Come on Mass! Pass interference, 1st and goal at 5!

Come on Mass! No nails left! Win will be huge! good!

izy1 said...

So much for Vandy being 17 point favorite
UMASS kicked some ass today, best game in a long, long time
Awesome improvement

izy1 said...

this week------punt practice