Monday, September 08, 2014

Monday--September 8th, 2014

Ron Chimilis says the Colorado loss does not diminish some clear progress by UMass.

Blake Frohnapfel says there are no moral victories.

Dan Malone has three ups and three downs from the Colorado game

He also reports poor tackling didn't help against the Buffs.

The Minutemen start the week as 17 point underdogs to Vanderbilt.


I watched the Ole Miss-Vanderbilt game on DVD last evening. The Commodores are in trouble. To start with, they've yet to score an offensive TD this entire season. However, their struggles against Ole Miss may have been due to the quality of the opponent. Memo to Mr. McCutcheon : don't match us up with those guys. The Rebels looked like the Chicago Bears. They have a 300 pound guy taking snaps at QB some of the time.

Vandy has a 6-7 GS quarterback, just like UMass. Their best player seems to be a gritty 5-10 running back named Ralph Webb.

The Commodores didn't show much else against Ole Miss. One of Vandy's fans was so upset he threw all his Commodore gear on the field and walked out.

Vanderbilt has also been playing in white helmets. I think the home team has priority on uniforms, so UMass may be forced to make a helmet switch.


Jesse Allen of Hustle Belt says hope still floats for the Minutemen.

The Minutemen improve in the Hustle Belt MAC power rankings.


James Ihedigbo and Victor Cruz square off in tonight's Giants-Lions game, although Ihedigbo may not play.

Cruz says he may bust out with a new TD dance.


Rant Sports says USC's Pat Hayden should resign from the FBS Playoff committee.


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Anonymous said...

The uniform choice only applies to the jersey. Visiting teams can wear whatever pants and helmets they want.
Most of the major teams don't wear two different helmets, think Michigan, Texas, Alabama, USC , ND, Penn State, Florida State. They wear the same helmet game in and game out......year in year out. The multi helmet thing is a gimmick for those teams that can't get recognized for their play on the field. A CM thing.