Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Tuesday--September 2, 2014

Quotes from Coach Whipple in the MAC's weekly teleconference.


Dan Malone has three players who had good results in the BC game and three persons who didn't.

Dan also has a feature on Ryan Johnson, the mammoth JUCO OL who finally achieved his eligibility this weekend. Johnson sounds like a dedicated guy and should be a big help this year and next. Note also that Liam Porter never joined the Minutemen. There was a lot of speculation that Porter could have been a starter.

Whipple says he's not concerned about Blake Lucas' miss on that 47-yard field goal after Randell Jette's interception.


Matty V. says UMass hopes Johnson can have a big impact. The article says Jean Sirfin may be still a couple of weeks away. Trey Seals is 50-50 for Colorado.


SB Nation looks at Colorado's loss to Colorado State.

Rant Sports says the Buff's run defense was deficient.

A big-hearted Cameroonian paves the way for the Buffs offense.


Brandon Fitzsimons picks the winners in Week #2 of the MAC season.

Caleb Carter of Hustle Belt ranks the MAC after week #1.


Cleveland.com has some quick hits from MAC's teleconference.


Jeremy Cain  won the long snapper competition for the Bears.

The Bears website has a video interview with Cain.


A Vanderbilt fan pleas for patience. We hear ya brother.


Jeff Zelevansky image
Another article on Michael Cox's being added to the Giants practice squad.


Speaking of the Giants, Tom Coughlin gives Victor Cruz a spot on the Giants leadership council


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vetteson said...

What happened to Trey Dudley-Giles? Didn't see him whole second half, at least on kick-offs. Seals is hurt and each starter that goes out thins the ranks a lot. Saw some good things in the BC game but many of the same problems the last two years remain. Honestly, we have not yet emerged from a FCS caliber team.

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