Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday--September 23rd 2014

One takeaway from the Penn State game is what a tremendous economic engine Nittany Lion football is for Pennsylvania. We were in a local grocery store the morning of the game and people were lined up buying sandwiches to go, grilling food, beer and every sort of tailgating stuff. And all were paying the PA sales tax. My room was nearly twice the cost of a non-football weekend room.

When pundits carp about the cost of UMass football remind them of the secondary gains to the state. We're not Penn State, but we could aspire to be 30% of it. Every politician in Massachusetts talks about jobs and the state economy, but nobody wants to actually help the engine that pays all the costs of the University and the salaries of every professor and administrator. Penn State football is BIG business, and the state of PA gets 6% of all the action (or 8% with a local surcharge), and that's not counting gas tax, local and state tax on rooms and on and on.

Matty Vautour comments on Penn State fever.

You had to be there to appreciate it.


UMass adds Tennessee, Army and BYU to future schedules. West Point is a great place to visit and Mrs Blog and I have spent a lot of time in Utah. Great trips to look forward to.


Dan Malone looks at the UMass two-deep for Bowling Green.

Cleveland.com reports that parity has descended on the MAC East as the conference schedule starts.


Trey Dudley-Giles, CB and kick returner par excellence, is expected to be OK for the Bowling Green game.


Whipple hopes the return to McGuirk will give the Minutemen a lift.


Hustle Belt has little changed in its MAC power rankings.


Dan Malone has a UMass football notebook with the return of Shardach Abrokwah and more.


The Minutemen open as a 8.5 underdog to Bowling Green. Remember Bowling Green was the 2013 MAC league champion.


The Daily Collegian reports on the hopes for a high energy atmosphere at McGuirk.


Bowling Green has its game notes for UMass up.


Coach Whipple's comments from the weekly MAC coaches teleconference.



Anonymous said...

Cheap, spoiled UMASS fans at it again. Complaining about following rules, where people will no longer drive over grass fields, ruining them for 6 months. One idiot posts that they are going to ruin it for his 30 friends, who are planning to tailgate on the grass in front of stadium, with no intention of going to the game. Calmass-this is why they need to implement a new strategy. Having people, get wasted, ruin grass playing surfaces, by driving around, often doing donuts on them, littering all their garbage, then driving home, not spending a dime for tickets, but causing the need for trash pickup, police, fire, EMT's,etc. Tell these idiots not to come and trah their own yards, not UMASS. I went to Penn State, everyone picked up their trash, went to the game, and followed the rules. Police ID'ed anyone who looked under 21 who were in the possession of alcohol, and were given citiations for being a minor in poss. of alcohol. Court date and appointment with dean of students, as well. UMASS is not looking for people who want to trash the property and not attend game, so screw.

Anonymous said...

Where were the comments exactly? I assume masslive.

Anonymous said...

Please remember that there are only a few internet message board shut ins, who make a lot of negative posts, usually responding to their own.(NJ,78,etc) Most UMASS fans will comply with the new policies. Most will admit, seeing the grass littered with empty cups, cans and bottles was a cry to change things for the better. Civility still has a place at football tailgates.

Anonymous said...

UMASS re-ups with Penn State, New Hampshire, old foe Rutgers, in addition to BYU, ARMY, Navy.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Well written. Go to the game or get lost. You wouldn't be there if it weren't for the football game!