Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday--September 24th, 2014

UMass announces a raft of games for 2016, 2017 and as far away as 2022. Some pretty attractive games for UMass fans: UConn, BC, Temple, Army and Appalachian State (that one should draw pretty good at both schools). The only down side is seven away games in 2016...


Ron Chimelis says UMass urgently needs a win.


Dan Malone comments on the nineteen games in future schedules announced today.

Dan has his latest podcast with John Wagner of the Toledo Blade.

Shadrach Abrokwah is eligible for the Bowling Green game. Abrokwah looked like the best of the running backs in the Spring Game. So far, Minutemen running backs have looked neither fast nor powerful. Hopefully, Abrokwah can add a dimension to the UMass offense that's been missing.

Matthew Wylie's only kick of the season was monumentally ugly, but Whipple isn't giving up on him yet.


Matty V. reports UMass announces a huge slate of future games.

Matty also has Shadrach Abrokwah is excited to return to the field.

BYU Stadium
The Desert News reports BYU signs a four game series with UMass.

The Montgomery Adviser says Troy and UMass sign a home-and-home series.

The Knox News says the Vols will pay UMass $1 million for a visit in 2017.

Athens Ohio Today reports on the Ohio-UMass contract for 2017-2018.

Aloha Stadium 
SB Nation's Mountain West Connection comments on the UMass-Hawaii home-and-home.

Hawaii's trip to Massachusetts will be the Rainbow Warriors longest road trip ever. reports the Appalachian State Mountaineers are happy to renew their rivalry with the Minutemen.

Hustle Belt says the Minutemen finally return home.


Brandon Fitzsimons of Hustle Belt picks Ball State over the Minutemen.


The UMass Daily Collegian says despite all the distractions, the Minutemen have a game to play on Saturday.

The Collegian reports Minutemen players are eager to play in front of their peers.



Miami (Ohio) backs skunk safety.



UMass73 said...

Seven away games scheduled in 2016 but one of the games is against and at Hawaii. The NCAA allows schools who travel to Hawaii to play 13 games in a season because of the added expense to get out there so there still could be 6 home games.

TopUMassFan said...

I for one am excited about the new games being announced. It shows me the AD isn't twiddling his thumbs as we move closer to the end of our MAC affiliation. He is building a bridge from the MAC to a new conference down the road with good quality opponents and just a few FCS teams.

Not only will the opposition be good, there is some past history there as well. UConn, App. State and Army have been lined up on the other side of the ball before. Newcomers BYU, Tennessee and Hawaii bring high powered teams to our schedule.

Trips to Boone, Hawaii, Tennessee, ND and Utah are new and in the near future. A return to West Point ( a must for any true college football fan) is just five years away. [ I went before to W.P. and it was first class, all the way!]

These upcoming seasons are going to offer some of the best, most diverse opponents we will likely ever see in such a short time. Embrace this change and get excited for UMass football.

Stepping away from the MAC is going to provide us with a few years of a different gunslinger every week.

In all in. I hope you will be as well.

bkrownd said...

Oooh hey, 2016 might be my next Minuteman game! I'm just a 45 minute puddle-jumper flight from Honolulu. :D