Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wednesday--July 9th, 2014

From the UMass feed
Loads of new Performance Center images from the Minutemen feed section of the main Athletic Dept page.


Dan Malone continues his UMass Top-25 players series, this time with Jalen Williams.

Williams UMass bio.

I attended Whipple's first meeting with the UMass community (I think it was upstairs in the Student Union). Someone asked Whipple about his offense. He replied "All UMass passing records will last two years." Whip was wrong. It took only one year to most UMass passing records to fall.

Todd Bankhead went 303-525 20 TD's and 3919 yards in 1998. Compare that with 2013's 177-339 1877 yards.

In addition to Bankhead Whipple had Jimmy Moore, Adrian Zullo and Kerry Taylor.

Williams looks as if he could be a big cog in this year's offense. At 6-3 205, he's got FBS size. After this year, I would hope UMass fans will be talking about the 2014 Minutemen battery of Tajae Sharpe, Jalen Williams, Shakur Nesmith and Alex Kenney.


Matty Vautour looks at the new NCAA restrictions on contact during practices.

The Indianapolis Star says the new rules won't change much.


Meanwhile, the Boston City Council looks to mandate college player rights.


At Penn State two players, Christian Hackenburg and Jordan Lucas are on watch lists. Lucas chose the Nittany Lions over an offer from UMass.


ESPN Boston looks at the upcoming local HS football season. Mentions UMass commit Joe Parsons.


Steve Buckley of Comcast Sports New England says UMass is going to rain on Boston College's hopes for a good season on August 30th.


ESPN thinks Rob Blanchflower has a good chance to make the Steelers' roster.


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TopUMassFan said...

I like Steve Buckley's optimism. I've been having the same thoughts that we may "shock the World".

Right now, UMass is an unknown. What is in the past is in the past. If anyone ccan get water from a stone, Whip can.

I'll be at Gillette aand I won't be surprised if we win. I will be surprised if we loose big.

A new day is dawning for UMass Football!