Friday, July 04, 2014

Fourth of July--2014

Happy Fourth to all Blog readers! Today is a day to celebrate America. Hope everyone has a great Fourth.


Dan Malone continues his review of the UMass squad. Yesterday he covered #23 UMass safety Joey Colton.

In FBS the Minutemen have won two games. The UMass defense has won them both. In 2012, Colton was the deciding force in holding Akron to 14 points and a UMass victory.

Colton DNP in 2013's win over Miami (Ohio), but Colton was the heart and soul of a Minutemen defense that did not quit in 2013.


NBC Sports has an article on the addition of four players to the UMass roster including Drew Harris.


The Boston Herald says a new day is dawning with Mark Whipple back coaching UMass football.


Penn State is ranked #1 in college football uniforms by

PennLive has an article with a bunch of links to Penn State football articles including one that thinks the Nittany Lions should have received a ten year death penalty over the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

A couple of day ago I called the UMass ticket office and paid for two tickets to the Penn State game. Mrs Blog and I are excited to be visiting iconic Happy Valley. Hope lots of UMass fans join the UMMB and us at the game.

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A Bleacher Report writer has an article on "Ten teams guaranteed to struggle on offense in 2014". One of his picks is Boston College.



Anonymous said...

Dan Malone seems to have forgotten Kevin Byrne a little too quickly. #93 was worn for the last 3 years by Byrne.

UMass74 said...

I think that one was my fault. Yesterday I wrote that #93 was not assigned in 2013. I was looking at the Spring roster not the 2013 roster.

Anonymous said...

It was surprising if it had been Dan because I was going through his articles and he always spoke well of Byrne.