Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday --July 23rd

A.J. Doyle
Dan Malone cover A.J. Doyle as the latest player in his Top-25 for 2014.

Doyle's UMass bio here.

In 2013 Doyle went 11-9  Starts 99.1 EFF 128-235-11 54.5 Pct 1274 YARDS 6 TD 55 Long  115.8 AVE/G.

In 2013, UMass QB pass efficiency was 12th in a 13 team league. Doyle threw almost twice as many interceptions as TD's.

Let me be first to state I think A.J. will play better this year. I still think Blake Fronapfel will start, but when Doyle gets in the game, he will look better. First, he'll be healthy, something he hasn't been often in his Minutemen career. Second, even though being under center is new to him, he'll have a better offense around him. I keep saying that a good rushing offense makes a QB look good. I hope Drew Harris lives up to his recruiting commentary.

Doyle should get better WR play this year. Mike Cassano is the new WR coach. Last year Doyle had at least two TD passes dropped. In addition, there was some piss-poor route running. If you were not a UMass fan during Whipple's last era with the Minutemen, know that he does not take dropped passes or catch one yard shy of a first down lightly. Do that and Whipple will grab your face mask when you come off the field and he'll explain your deficiencies  to you ---- loudly.


Today is MAC Media Day. The event starts at noon. It will be televised on ESPN3.

Coach Whipple and Stanley Andre and Tajae Sharpe will be there. has an article on the league's Media Day.

The Boston College Blog "BC Interruption" looks at the betting odds for the Eagles and thinks BC will win easily over UMass, Maine and Colorado State.


The MAC Blog Hustle Belt held its own media poll and picks UMass last in the league.


Victor Cruz thinks he'll prosper in the Giants new offense.


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