Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday--July 21st, 2014

An Oregon writer looks at the PAC-10's non-BCS opponents including UMass.


The Hartford Courant looks at UConn's FCS opponent Stony Brook. The Courant thinks UMass transfer Stacey Bedell will be backing up RB Marcus Coker.

Bedell's Sea Wolves bio.


Boston College's ACC Media Day transcript. Mentions UMass.


The non-Power Five conferences were not enamored with June Jones suggestion they move football to a Spring sport.


Hustel Belt previews Kent State's OOC opponents.


Fan Sided reviews every teams ESPN football logo.

Quote about Boston College's logo : "Like everything Boston College, this logo is wicked mediocre at best"

Speaking of mediocre, the Times says the ACC has mediocrity in the middle.


Attention UMass football team! The Moscow Times reports no sex, no success, World Cup study finds. Print a copy for your girlfriend.


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