Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday--July 31st 2014

In his latest installment of his "Top-25" UMass players, Dan Malone discusses JUCO transfers Liam Porter and Ryan Johnson.

Johnson's UMass bio.

Porter's UMass bio.

I've blogged about the potential 2014 offensive line several times before. In an earlier interview, Whipple said he hoped the O-line would be able to go "7 or 8 deep". As Dan says, I would expect either or both Porter and Johnson to start. For one thing, they're older and UMass will start a very young team on August 30th. Boston College is likely to start five seniors on their offensive line that day.

My take on the top eight would be:


UMass football breaks out on snapchat.


Mike Wegzyn's Tennessee bio is up.


Rob Blanchflower suffered a high ankle sprain in Steelers training camp.


Matt Kier, a 6-2 215 pound QB playing for California (PA) had a offer from UMass.


The BC blog "Soaring to Glory" looks at the Eagles path to a bowl game. They count UMass as a given win.


The Toledo Rocket's football building gets a $5.5 million facelift.



soomass said...

Mike Keir not Schroeder is the QB that had an offer from UMass.

UMass74 said...


Anonymous said...

Over at Umass yesterday-ordering 4 tickets for Penn State
Saw the strength coach and woman trainer having some guys stretching out over near old practice field
Penn State coach on ESPN yesterday-really high on their QB-but questions about O Line
Looking forward to the road trip
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UMass74 said...

Mrs Blog and I have already ordered our Penn State tickets.