Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Wednesday--July 2, 2014

Dan Malone starts a countdown to the 2014 Minuteman season.


Shadrack Abrokwah #43
The first UMass player featured in Dan's series is Shadrack Abrokwah.

Abrokwah is a 5-9 200 pound RB from Worcester.

He went 2-1 GP-GS 51-208 4.0 AVE 1 TD 31 LONG 101.5 AVE/G. Abrokwah's 4.0 AVE was the highest of the UMass running backs and his 31 yard run was the second longest of the year.

Fixing the UMass running game is going to have to be one of Whipple's priorities in 2014. The Minutemen were 10th in the MAC in rushing offense and 12th in yards/rush. UMass tied for last in the league with a meager 5 rushing TD's.

UMass's opponents averaged 215.5 yards per game, 5.4 yards/rush and scored 23 rushing TD's.

In addition, the running game has a big influence on QB performance. If you can run the ball, generally you've got a good looking QB....


Bob McGovern reports that Drew Harris is eligible to play for the 2014 season.

Harris is a former four-star recruit.

Video is from Feb 8th, 2011.

Harris could be an impact player in the MAC.


September 20th will be Band Day at Penn State. The UMass Marching Band will make the trip to Happy Valley.


Athlon Sports says stability is a virtue for the MAC Conference.


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