Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday--July 26th, 2014

Lots of images from the Football Alumni tour of the new Performance Center on the UMass Athletic Dept main page. Check it out.


There is also a video interview of Stanley Andre, Tajae Sharpe and Mark Whipple from the MAC Media Day.


Former UMass player E.J. Barthel joins the Rutgers football staff. E. J. 's UMass bio.


Dam Malone interviews Terry Bowden about Akron's climb in the MAC standings and the Minutemen's attempt to do the same. Bowden has a point. UMass lost two league games by a total of two points. If we had an offense, we could have put a serious scare into Vanderbilt. There's a fine line between winning and losing. That said, we still need more time to make all the reforms needed for the move to FBS. I'm impressed (really impressed) with what Whipple has accomplished since his arrival, but he's going to need more than one year to start beating BCS teams and the cream of the MAC. That said, I'm going to enjoy the ride and for the first time I think UMass will show some flashes of what we can be.


UMass adds some banners to McGuirk for 2014. If you're a UMass fan and are not local, be aware the basic concrete structure of McGuirk, is pretty deteriorated. New England weather is not kind to concrete.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- says the Toledo Rockets eye the MAC East title.

They also review Bowling Green and says the Falcons start their conference games with MAC doormat UMass.


A long blog post from the Steel Curtain looks the Steelers used SPARQ info to focus on athleticism and Rob Blanchflower's excellent numbers.


An Arizona State beat writer tries to do a college football workout.



Anonymous said...

Please UMASS...please clean up the landscape in and around McGuirk Stadium. It is not a storage facility. Do something with the pebble and dust ground cover, it needs to go. You have two months-get it done.

TopUMassFan said...

I agree. For as long as I've been going to games there (1980) , McQuirk has had poor bathrooms, poor food concessions (smoke coming up thru the stands) and poor walking conditions with pebbles and broken and cracked asphalt.

The time has come to fix these issues and make McQuirk a place to be proud to call home.

Anonymous said...

How about a replay board and a sound system, so we can officially be D1 ?

Anonymous said...

The bathrooms, concessions etc. will not be upgraded this season. Landscaping is being done, but I doubt they are paving the entire area. I was there last week. Replay board is the same as it was three years ago. The sound is supposed to be better with the press box etc.