Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday--July 18th, 2014

Dan Malone looks at the Minutemen's defensive ends for 2014.

Peter Angeh's UMass bio.

Sha-Ki Holnes UMass bio.

Enock Asante's Minutemen bio.

Peter Angeh gets a sack in the Spring game

Enock Anante rushes A.J. Doyle
The UMass defensive line did well during the Spring game. They mostly controlled the line of scrimmage against a bigger offensive line. The Minutemen are going to be small by FBS standards this year. I was flipping through Lindy's looking for other teams that run the 3-4. UMass' starting three will probably be NT Daniel Maynes 6-285 and two of the three Asante 6-2 260, Holines 6-2 260 or Angeh 6-245. West Virginia plays the 3-4 and their starting three are 6-4 295, 6-4 293 and 6-3 303. Navy's three down are 6-2 251, 6-1 303 and 6-1 246.

UMass will have to play with a high intensity and get some rotation with the second string guys. Michael Dowe, Jr 6-2 240 and Joe Tyo 6-5 250 played DE in the Spring game.

Back a year or so ago when Holines verbaled to UMass, I received an e-mail from a Springfield fan who said Holines was a good pickup for UMass. The writer said Holines was an excellent athlete and had a big upside.


ESPN looks at Colorado's OOC schedule including UMass.


Jesse Allen of Hustle Belt previews UMass-Vanderbilt and predicts a big Commodores victory.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- says veteran quarterbacks abound in the MAC East.


Speaking of quarterbacks, Penn State's Christian Hackenberg has been named to the O'Brien watch list.

Penn State is also in college football's top-25 in ticket prices.


The MAC will receive a much higher payout from the new college football playoff structure.


USA Today previews #53 Toledo. UMass plays @ Toledo on 10/25.


Steelers Depot thinks Rob Blanchflower will make the team.


A Bleacher Report writer thinks Michael Cox will make the Giants 53-man roster.



Anonymous said...

With a hundred players on the roster each year, year after year, decade after decade. Is it surprising UMASS is struggling to attract even a hundred former players to their golf tourney on July 25? No pride? There must be a lot of good excuses, let's hear them. BTW, Charley Molnar is no longer one of them.

Anonymous said...

It would be great to see more alumni attend and support the team and university. Your numbers are a bit inflated. The roster consists of about 100 in FBS and it was about two thirds that in FCS and even smaller decades ago. And it is not 100 new players each year as your year after year comment implies. In a sport where many athletes redshirt and therefore play 5 years, you are looking at maybe 300 players per decade. That would be 30 new players a year. Since most of them "went pro" in something other than football, they are just like all the rest of the UMass alumni and getting a weekend off to travel without family for a boys weekend might be difficult. There's your excuse. Also, my guess is that some of the former players from 1980s and earlier may not be on the planet any longer.

Anonymous said...

We have some FBS-size freshmen in this year's recruiting class. When they are ready to take the field, presumably next year, their size will match up well against the biggest and most physical lines.