Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tuesday--July 8th, 2014

Dan Malone continues his Top-25 UMass players for 2014 season with Daniel Maynes, a 6-2 285 senior DL.

Maynes' UMass bio here.

As the article says, Maynes is the Minutemen's only senior defensive lineman. In UMass' first three FBS recruiting seasons, offense received the larger number of recruits. This year class finally had a crop of defensive linemen.


  • Daniel Maynes
You can see the trend in recruits getting bigger. Maynes reported to UMass at 6-1 230. 

The 3-4 defense is not a "glory" defense for defensive linemen. The NT has to play the "A" gaps on both sides of the center. He gets blocked from three sides. The three DL's need to occupy the offensive linemen so the LB's are free to make the play. The ideal NT makes the OL double team him so that one of the four LB's is free. One other fact to note in the 3-4 is that all three defensive linemen are usually line up over an opposing player, i.e. the NT lines up over the center and the two DT's line up over the offensive tackles.

How it's supposed to work,  three OL are blocking Maynes while Downey gets the sack


Jamall Stephenson, a former player of Whipple's at Brown has been appointed Scouting Director for the Vikings. Lots of mentions of Whipple and one of Don Brown.


Rant Sports previews #49 Bowling Green. The potential MAC champions will play at McGuirk on 09/27.

Rant also previews #50 Ball State, who play in the Black Friday game at McGuirk on 11/12.


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