Friday, July 11, 2014

Thursday--July 11th, 2014

From the UMass Nation feed
Dan Malone has holdover coaches from the Molnar era help provide continuity for Whipple's staff.


A short video of Coach Whipple introducing the new UMass locker room to the team.


UMass O-line
Dan continues his Top-25 UMass players with an article on Tyshon Henderson.

Henderson's UMass bio.

During his previous stint with the Minutemen, Whipple fielded one of the largest offensive lines in FCS. Henderson, at 6-7 340 has the size Whipple favors.

In pro football, the highest paid player is usually not the media-favorite quarterback; it's the LT guarding his blind side. Henderson's size makes him an obvious pro prospect. A couple of All-MAC years would build Henderson's resume.


Speaking of offensive tackles, Penn State's Donovan Smith (good name) is a good one.


Boston College gets new video boards--- better than the one's at Gillette.

The BC Blog "Soaring to Glory" has the top-five impact players for the Eagles in 2014.


Never let Monty Python design your game uniforms.


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