Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday---October 31, 2011

The University of Richmond Collegian has an image gallery from the UMass-Richmond game.


The Boston Herald said New England teams (including UMass) went with balanced offenses Saturday.


The Daily Press has the CAA standings, inverted version.


Villanova's status is still murky in the the latest Big East machinations.


Patrick McDermmott/Getty image

Victor Cruz does it again; catching the winning TD for the Giants. says Victor is emerging.


From one of the many articles on the Northeast storm:

"The National Weather Service reported nearly two feet of snow in Concord and other parts of the state, with 31.4 inches falling in Jaffrey."



Anonymous said...

Frank.... I CAN"T see your house from here. Must be ALL that snow. Were you dreaming of a White Halloween?

Greetings from a not-so-snowy Concord MA.

UMass74 said...

A number of people in my neighborhood had their snowblowers still in the shop for their yearly tuneup. So me and my snowblower were VERY popular.

Anonymous said...

Would the correct move be to replace brian picucci as the offensive coordinator after the season? Offense as you said is less than stellar. Hernandez is a top back in the caa, so is emil at TE and the duo of talley and julmiste. We don't have a qb but clearly have talent at other positions. I think the playbook is too limited and we are not able to use the talent we have at the skill position.

Anonymous said...

Just back from Richmond-(1200 miles on the car)Beautiful stadium-Weather was nasty-Richmond paper said there was 2,000 in attendence-if there were 500 actually there -thats even being generous/no students/Richmond Times Sports page lead story was about Virginia Tech-Ouch!!
That game should have been over by halftime-We had the ball with 3 minutes to play in first half and go 3 and out -2 which were incomplete passes which stopped the clock-Richmond gets ball,does nothing we get ball back and miss easy FG
The 2 possesions inside the 5 yrd line and getting no points was painful to witness .Pagel had Hernandez wide open and continues to make bad decisions by trying to force one into back of end zone.Later in game
On a 3rd and 8 play Pagel rolls to his left and throws across his body-result-PUNT-Reminding me again and again that we are not a very good team
Had pleasure of tailgating with some nice folks from the Raleigh/Durham Umass Alumni Club and also to talk to Tyler Holmes brother and mother who showed up with 25-30 family members strong

Anonymous said...

Picucci's record speaks for itself, both at umass and in previous positions. Bottom line issues...QBs and Special Teams. You've got a scholarship to a great school just to kick it through the uprights. Period. Get the job done. And sorry but the QB situation is weak at best. Maybe recruiting should start expanding their searches to somewhere other than a 200 mile radius of the school. Umass has one of the smallest home:school distance ratio of any of their competitors. Why is that? And how does that make a difference? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

Well a very good win against a team that for some time has always managed to find a way to win against UMass. Seems every team each year has a team that always plays well against them and for a while it has been Richmond.

Was really happy to see the onside kick after the first score. Kicking game is still not what it should be or what UMass fans are used to but we won and that is the most importamnt thing.

ZERO Turnovers sure has a way of influencing how a game turns out and this was another good example of this.

Looking forward to this weeks game against Villanova. Will not be the last time we play them since in a few years both programs will likely be playing each other on the D1 level.

As for where our players come from would offer to take a closer look at where our team comes from and then pick one or two other teams from just about anywhere and see where theirs come from. I know we have about 40% from the northeast but at the same time we have about 60% from elswhere. That has been the makeup of this team for a while. Last years Michigan team had about 50% from Michigan w/ another good amount from Ohio.

Have to keep the faith on how the teams build goes. At least up in the top roww we think the coaching staff should stay the same for a few seasons. Seems that being a good coach involves not jst coaching but also making for a good program and on and off the field this program seems to do pretty well.

Of course win out the last three games this year and finish 8-3 and the boo birds will vanish for a while. Not going to be easy since Nova, especially Maine and JMU are no cupcakes and each game will be a tough one.

See you Saturday.

Gregg said...

Top Roww,

I enjoy your posts. The program needs fans like you as much as it needs good coaches and players.

I don't think Morris and his staff should be coaching here next year. To me, the last 3 years have been very frustrating. The team has been plagued with silly penalties, bad play calling and poor special teams. This has to fall on the coaching staff. Morris had the talent last year to make the playoffs. The Richmond loss was horrendous (see first & goal where we ran the same play 4 straight times). The URI loss was inexcusable as well. The team seems undisciplined with all the penalties (Coach Brown had the same problem). I don't see how the administration can feel confident going forward with Morris at the helm. To be fair, Morris did not take the job knowing the program would be elevated to the MAC. He took an FCS coaching job that was probably a stretch for his coaching ability to begin with. That is not a knock on him. Not every coach can handle an FBS team. In my opinion, he is more suited for a lower tier FCS team or a Div. 2 program. He has been a .500 coach here and I don't think it's fair to him or the school to ask him to lead the program the next few years. I have to believe there is an assistant coach at an FBS school that would love to take over UMass football. We need someone who has experience coaching at that level and won't be overwhelmed by the level of competition.

If we are going to be an FBS program we need an FBS coaching staff. We don't have that right now.

Go UMass.

Anonymous said...


From up in the Top Roww. Great post.

Pretty difficult to argue or dispute your points. Some of what you bring up is on those players who brought on the penalties, some of it is the kind of thing that happens in competitive games (fumbles or some (but not all) int's) while others ie play calling on either side of the ball are mostly on the coaches.

To bring up last years Richmond or Rhody games is painful to recall. I can't agree with you more that when we played Richmond to run the same play at M Parker (now with the Giants practice squad) and LB McBride who was a great LB for them was downright silly. To only score 10 pts in that game was ridiculous. The Defense really only gave up 9 but some were at the worst time when they had to stand up and take advantage of a very inexperienced QB and it just did not happen. Some of that was scheme/ coaching oriented and some was on the players too. The Rhody game was tough to be around from the start when the Rhody players were talking smack and not letting UMass onto the field. Was pretty obvious they were going to come out and try and punch us in the mouth and they pretty much did. To again lose at the end due to very poor pass rush and bad scheme was ridiculous. To see our DB's 2-5 yds deep in the end zone when they are going for 2 was another real head scratcher.

Win just those tow very winnable games and the team is 8-3 and in the playoffs. To see losses from these two games after playing pretty well in other games (e.g. - I'd offer beating Wm n Mary and the Michigan game and even the Delaware game as good performances - but I could easily go on in that one too).

for now I will put on the Homer hat and look at the last 3 games. Nova is a shadow of what they have been for years and we should win this game and it should not really be close. Jimmy Mad has lost a lot of key players and should be able to be taken down. Remember they beat Central Ct 14-9. What does that mean my best guess is Central had a good day against us and is not really that good and the Jimmies are not too good this year. So we should win againsat the Jimmies too. Now Maine is a whole different story.

Maine is the kind of team who thinks they are good even if they are not that telented. They have had some great breaks fall their way this year - like the score against Jimmy Mad in OT, blocking 2 XPT against Richmond and returning one for 2 pts and scoring 23 pts against Richmond in the 4th period.

Teams that play pretty well, do not turn the ball over and seem to find ways to win are tough ones to beat.

If UMass finishes 8-3 it would be pretty difficult to change much on the coaching staff. 7-4 or dread the though 6-5 not so sure. If this team finishes 7-4 it will be interesting to see where the program goes. Overall they run a good program and have few off the field issues. Would I like them to do things differntly - YES I WOULD - but up in the Top Roww and we are hoping some inagination strikes the coaching staff sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

a little more from the Top Roww.

Just for a moment taking a look at the team and 2012.

Has anyone noticed that except for the QB's we have no one returning who has touched the ball basically at all. J Hernandez SR Emil Sr, Talley SR, Jesse SR, Gilcon SR. Unless some of these players are listed incorrectly or who have eligibility left it would seem they will all graduate. That scares us a whole lot. If this is true a whole lot of 2011 touches will be graduating and it is pretty unclear who is going to be making up for it.

Upfront on the OL it is a whole different story. If listed correctly Oz and Samuda re the only OL's who graduate. We should have Both Tackles, one Guard and another G (Moas) who started the season and the Center. We also have Blanchflower (who we really do not understand why he is not getting more touches this year) so as far as a run and pass game goes we should be in good shape.

Defense looks pretty promising as well. Out of the usual 6-7 DL's all return except Gilchrist (who has done really well after being out last year). At LB yes we lose T Holmes and he will not be asily replaced at all but we do have a lot of LB's who have played this year so we are not going to start from scratch. Hoping that no more DB's go down this year we should be 2 deep at pretty much every position in the secondary.

As for specials this year has been very frustrating so it is hard to say what we will have in these spots next year. Here is to hoping this gets better each game going forward.

See you Saturday

UMass 29 Nova 12