Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday---October 9, 2011

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Some good things happened at McGuirk last night as well as some "OK" things and a couple of bad things.

A really good thing was Jesse Julmiste. If you havn't yet seen him in person, make it a point to come out to McGuirk to see him play. Julmiste was leaving contrails in the cool October night. He had four returns for 148 yards and one 90 yard TD. Julmiste took the kickoff then went to Mach 2 and was still accelerating when hit the endzone. His two kick return TD's this year ties an all-time UMass record held by Phil DeRose and Dennis Dent. He also had a 31-yard run on a reverse.

The UMMB seemed to get its mojo back as the band and the visiting HS bands put on a show that the band, new director Tim Anderson ------and George Parks would have been proud of.

The offense did not have a single turnover. Brandon Hill not only did not throw any INT's, he didn't come close to throwing one.

Darren Thellen had two INT's including an 85-yard return for a TD. Emil Igwenagu caught a sideline pass and the 245 pound TE out ran the CCSU defenders for a 58 yard TD.

Oh, and I heard Shane Viveiros will be back for the next game. Since UMass has not announced the reason for his absence, I won't either. However, I hope to God that the previous scheme of moving him to LB will be scrapped and he will be back at safety.

Some OK things: I was mentally writing good things about the UMass kicking game. Brendon Leavengood thumped a 35 yard field goal that would have been good ten yards further. Jeff Strait made a nice play fielding a high snap----then Leavengood missed a extra point and Ray Pendagast hit a worm burner of a punt.

And some bad things: the offensive line seemed to be having an off night as the CCSU defense shut down Jonathan Hernandez and the UMass rushing game in the second half.

UMass had only 14 first downs...


Jeff Thomas says UMass used big plays to defeat CCSU.

Matty V. said Jesse Julmiste sparked UMass to a win.

He also has three stars from the CCSU game.


All the CAA results here. If you missed it, Maine (!?), Towson (!???) and UNH are leading the league.


Boston College was in a "Death Valley Downer" as the Herald put it.



Anonymous said...

the other bad thing ican think of is penalties. i don't have the numbers but the touchdown central connecticut scored to close the first half 30 of those yards came on umass penalties. one of them was for unsporsmanlike conduct.

Anonymous said...

Good assessment of the game, Frank, and creatively put, too!

I'm glad that S. Viveiros will be back. We need a presence in the secondary and above all, experience. I agree that he should not be a LB. I'm a little wary that CCSU held us in check for a while, but also the offense did seem to clik yesterday and Hill looked like a leader. Very good execution on his part.

Anonymous said...

Milhim moved from starting RG to starting C and Ostaszewski started at RG. Given that Sales is listed as playing, I'd take that to be a shakeup of the OL, understandable after their performance at ODU. FR.Moas got some more playing time as well as and I believe Young (though it might have been Wallace).

Anonymous said...

0 turnovers = win.

Anonymous said...

Let's see julmiste do that against caa competition.

Anonymous said...

It's Brendon Levengood not Brandon Leavengood and Ray Pendagast not Pendergrast hahaha! Try a little harder with your spelling that's embarrassing!

UMass74 said...

My apologies to both. Sometimes it's hard to proofread your own stuff.

Like most people I'm great at spotting other person's errors.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, JJ returned for a TD against BC? Granted BC isn't great, but Julmiste is a bonafide threat.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to correct someone's spelling, at least do it with proper punctuation.

Did I get that right?.

And it's Raymond.

izy1 said...

I missed the game. Glad they got a win to get out of the funk zone they were in