Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuiuesday--October 11, 2011

Matty V reports Julmiste is CAA Special Teams Player-of-the-Week. As he should be. The CAA original report here.

He also says we're committed to the MAC. As I have said a zillion times, we need a functioning FBS program to be considered in any conference realignment talks. UMass will still be a "transitional" team (not eligible for bowl bids or the MAC championship) next year. So, I expect the Minutemen to be committed to the MAC---until we're not.

The Boston Globe says UMass is on edge. Of course, being the Globe, they would say that.

The New York Times says the CAA and the Atlantic 10 are eying each others teams.

The UMass Daily Collegian recaps the CCSU game.


The Hens are looking forward to playing UMass.

Delaware wants to send us off with a loss.

WDEL says UMass-Delaware play for the final time Saturday.One thing about this season a win or loss is forever. No "We'll get 'em next year".


Patch.com has a story about UMass' Andrew Dees, who is the UMass running backs and recruiting coordinator this year. Dees' UMass bio here.


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Gregg said...

Good point on the Globe. Look who wrote the article. Blaudschun is a huge BC groupie and the last thing he wants is to have UMass go to the FBS. He wants BC to be the only major college program in the state. However, you need to stop yourself from laughing when mentioning major college program and BC in the same sentence. Although Blaudschun would give his right arm not to have UMass go to the MAC and the article is obviously slanted that way, there is some reason for concern. If Temple does go to the Big East and the MAC exercises it's out clause on UMass, where does that leave the program? I believe we have a 5year committment with Bob Kraft to play at Gilette. What happens if we have no conference affiliation in two years? We already have deals to play Vanderbilt and other FBS teams in Foxboro. How will the program recruit players if we are not in a FBS conference? It's not like we're Notre Dame where we can freelance because we have a contract with a major network to broadcast our games. Can the program survive like that? Do we revert back to FCS and crawl back to the CAA with our tail between our legs(if that league even exists in two years)?

Our best hope is that Temple stays in the MAC and we all go our merry way until UMass can compete for a MAC title and bowl games. If Temple leaves we are at the mercy of the MAC not to boot us after 2 years. We are not ready for another conference to take us on. With no stadium on campus and the talent level being where it is, we are not attractive to anyone because we can't generate any money for a FBS conference right now.

Nothing is easy. Especially in the cesspool of college football.

Gregg Clements