Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday--October 16, 2011

Well, that was better. Yesterday's win over the Hens was one of the most satisfying in a long time. The Minutemen really put together a good game.

Coach Morris said Kellen Pagel had a good week of practice and it showed. He looked much more decisive and handled the offense efficiently. More important, he did not turn the ball over and was accurate in his passing.

I don't know how it was described in the TV broadcast, but the wind was really booming. UMass had the wind in the first and fourth quarters. Emil Igwenagu had another excellent game as the 246 pound TE out jumped two Delaware defenders for a UMass TD.

 Johnathan Hernandez appeared to have a stinger in his arm or shoulder and DNP in the 2nd and 3rd quarter. The Hens were 2nd in the CAA in scoring defense and 3rd in overall defense, so that is the strength of their team. UMass had a couple of drops in the second half that could have extended Minutemen drives.

But it didn't matter, because the UMass defense also had their best game of the season. Shane Viveiros (playing LB) and Ed Saint Vil combined for 12 tackles. The defensive backfield knew their assignments. The Minutemen defensive line was dominate in the fourth quarter.

The UMass defense shut down the Hen running game allowing Delaware star RB Andrew Pierce only 85 total yards.

The much maligned UMass kicking game was excellent. The punters dropped two inside the Hen 5 yard line. Great effort by the whole team.


Jeff Thomas said the UMass team started strong.

Matty V. said UMass won with early offense and strong defense. Matty also has three stars from the game.

The Boston Globe said UMass surprised the Hens .

The Boston Herald said UMass left the Hens blue.

Delaware Online said the Hens were doomed at the start. They also said Delaware has questions at QB.

Quotes from K.C. Keeler after the game.


All the CAA results here.



izy1 said...

Well, UMASS did in fact beat the feathers off them. The UD video feed booth guys commented on the wind a few times. The best line they had was when the said "UMASS punched them in the mouth".
UMASS clearly looked like they came to play right from the start. One heck of a first quarter. Pagel was throwing well and connecting, major improvement. Some long passes that if held on reception would have killed UD. Good job on the O and D lines, including some key sacks. Punting was not very effective.
Holmes,Igwenagu,Hernendez and St Vil were steller. For the last match up between the two teams, UMASS let them know who was the better team. It was pretty sad to see a "sell out crowd" giving up on their team and emptying the stadium long before the end of the game. Good job UMASS

TopUMassFan said...

How sweet that was! Going down to Delaware and their "House of Horrors" for the last time and coming away with a win makes-up for all those past disappointments (well, almost all).

The defence played superbly and the offense looked better. Kudos to the kicking game as they gave a strong performance as well.

Congratulations need to be given to Coach Morris and his staff for having the team ready to play.

Overall, a very pleasing performance by the Minutemen. Let's carry and build on this effort for next week!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, after the first q., the offense could not get much of anything going. I blame it on the coaching. By the fourth q., the defense looked exhausted, although Perry and Tyler played well. Byrne also played well, and the secondary did seem to improve from the previous week. Gilson looked impressive, but the other receivers did not, with the excpetion of Blanchflower, who I think should be used in multiple TE formation more often. He is an excellent backup, and I think he should be thrown to more often, expecially on short routes, which is what UMass had decided to do. Pagel looked better, but he is very inconsistent on longer passes.

nes said...

Nice, a real quality win to enjoy and give us fans some real hope for a decent season!

Anonymous said...

How many tickets sold for this weeks game at Gillette? If anyone hass'nt got tickets yet-get it done. UMASS needs a strong turnout and a big W.