Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday--October 20, 2011

Matty V reports UMass, after reviewing game tape, decided to suspend Ryan Delaire for one game.

Matty says the rivalry with UNH will be hard to give up.

He also has a feature on Jordan Broadnax, who is now the #2 running back.

Imagine the running game we would have if everyone was healthy.


UNH has its game notes for UMass up (html).

Jeff Thomas says the UMass defense is feeling better.


Keepers College Football Rankings has UMass #35.

He also has UNH over UMass by 5.1 points.


Craig Haley of TSN says the race for FCS awards is very competitive this year.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says Villanova is OK with Temple in the Big East for football, but not for hoops.



Anonymous said...

That's nice of Morris and McCutcheon to suspend Delaire. I wonder if Keeler and the UD AD suspended that player for trying to injure Talley.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't their was the CAA commissioner's decision.

Anonymous said...

Hope Hernandez is ready for Saturday, but Broadnax has filled in well. Would like to see him make quick bursts to the outside once through the line, 'cause he has the speed to break away. Is Burns sitting out a year?