Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday--October 23, 2011

If UNH is a playoff team, and they certainly seem to be, then UMass is very close to being one.

Although UMass lost its second straight to UNH in the Colonial Classic there were still some good things going on.

First the good: UMass's defense that looked over matched against ODU, continued its Renaissance. Despite the two turnovers early, the UMass defense was fully competitive with UNH's high-powered offense. The Wildcats average 34 points a game, 444 yards/ game offense and 294 yards/game passing.

The UMass defense held UNH to 27 points, 334 total yards and 137 yards passing. In addition, the blitzing UMass defenders pushed Decker out of the pocket numerous times forcing him to run with the ball.

The defensive performance was even more impressive since the Wildcats had a good day on kick returns and had very good field position all game.

Also impressive was the UMMB, who sparkled with the half-time performance of jazz standard "Big Noise from Winnetka". Great show.

It came down to UMass mistakes. UMass turned the ball over on our first two possessions. UMass missed two extra points, causing the Minutemen to be down two scores in the last five minutes. UNH hit a 47 yard field goal into the wind, made a two point conversion and hit all their extra points. We were not playoff caliber on special teams.

The UMass offense was inconsistent. The Minutemen moved the ball, but went three-and-out with the ball on the UNH 48 yard line in the third quarter.

With the defensive improvement, I still think UMass can make a run in the rest of the season.

BTW, the announced crowd was 24,000. The parking lots were packed. Did some people not come in for the game?  It certainly looked like there were more than 24,000 people there.


Matty V indicates UMass couldn't complete the comeback. He also said missed extra points plagued the Minutemen. says UNH bid adieu with a win.

The Boston Herald said UMass couldn't catch the Cats.

The Worcester Telegram said UMass was derailed by a poor start.

Jeff Thomas reports that UMass fell to the Wildcats.

CBS3 has a story on UMass falling short.

Foster Daily Democrat asserts Dontra Peters and the Wildcat rushing game did it for UNH.

The Nashua Telegram relates UNH stopped UMass.


Maine scored 23 points in the fourth quarter to keep their 2011 run going.

Rhode Island had been losing games by close scores all season. They finally unleashed their frustration on Delaware.

All the CAA results and box scores here.



Anonymous said...

Being "close" to a playoff team? Were ok now with being CLOSE??? Forget the mac if thats our expectation, sign morris to a 10 year deal.

Anonymous said...

Very uninspired play. Boring. And this team wants to compete in the FBS?

Anonymous said...

Turnovers will cost any team, you can not repeatedly throw into double/ triple coverage. The Special Teams needs a complete new regime, it needs a lot of work. Defense did a good job, but didn't get the stop when they needed it at the end. The scoreboard read that it was close, but really it felt like we were so far out of it. I would think it's safe to say Morris has punched his ticket to unemployment.

Anonymous said...

Let's put this in a perspective for umass fans. Toledo plays in the mac. They beat unh by 50 points. Toledo won't win the mac.

Anonymous said...

This kicking game is awful Levengood misses 3 Extra points (only 2 counted because of the penalty) and Yelovich cant hit a kickoff inside the opponents 20 yard line...pathetic

UMass74 said...

Just some perspective on "fan" rants. Over on AGS a person calling himself "UNHfan" had this take on the UNH win:

I am sure I am going to make many enemies tonight...but I am done with the horrific play calling and hand-cuffs that are put on kevin Decker. You see... its common in FCS football that we don't critique coaching, players ect..because we are small schools. So if I am dragged and burned at the steak (Get it? food?) so be it!

I have never seen worse play calling then I witnessed today at Gillette.. Horrific! But!!! We are small UNH and OMG!!! if you say something like this your horrible! Hence we will never win a championship! Why?? UNH people that want to yell at me now... take a look at what K.C. Keeler goes through! Thats FCS!!! He gets real *** kicking in the press! All our press? Reports the games like there sons are the kids playing in the game! Remember old time UNH fans Ricky Santos doesn't see the light of day!!!!! if 2 QB's don't go down! Sorry if I ruffle feathers but love this team! Coach wouldn't know a great QB if it.....

Coach Mac... take off the hand-cuffs you for some reason have put on Decker! And learn how to read QB Prospects! YOU SUCK AT IT!!!

Ben said...

I wonder if that UNH fan realizes UNH currently has the longest streak of making the playoffs. That must not be due to the coaching. Or QB play. I wonder how they do it then???

I'd love if McDonnell was coaching UMass.

These make believe UMass fans who suddenly appeared like to jump on the Morris bashing bandwagon, but this game wasn't lost by Morris. Plain and simple. Morris and play-calling did not lose the game. The team wasn't unprepared, in fact they seemed very well prepared. They got beat by a team that didn't miss XP's and throw an INT in the endzone.

TopUMassFan said...

Gonna call it as I saw it...some steps forward, some back. INT from the 10 hurt but Pagel showed guts on his TD run. Refs didn't help but dumb penalties hurt. Defense looked better but gave up too many 3rd down conversions. Nothing "special" about our special teams (Julmiste excluded).

Kicking game needs a complete overhaul! Place kicking is terrible and the punting is worse!

Not sure if Morris and his staff will last long in the MAC. They will need to improve on recruiting and coaching if they expect to be around long.

Only 24,000 at game yesterday. Not good considering it was UMass-UNH. What will UMass-Bowling Green bring in, on a Thursday night in November?

Put on your hip-waders and strap yourselves in, UMass fans; the going is gonna get tougher and I forecast some stormy times ahead.

That being said, I'm onboard and ready for 2012 and the MAC. And mark my words, we haven't seen the last of UNH.

Anonymous said...

Made the trip yesterday to foxboro. My take we have no defensive line at all, we have no playmakers and get no push. How many times yesterday did the play break down and the qb scrambled for yards or completed a pass down the field. Defensive line play is not good at all. Special teams is the weakest I've ever seen from a umass football team across the board. Its time for a change with the coaching its been 3 years and we have made no progess.

Anonymous said...

An effective coach understands the limitations of his team and works within the framework of the talent he does have. If a player isn't executing well, is it not the responsibility and the obligation of the coaching staff to replace players who have trouble executing? But I think this (problem)goes much deeper: recruiting and cultivating, game plan, contingency for game plans, special teams. The most effective defense is one in which the offense controls possession of the ball. Simply, this team cannot sustain drives and put points on the board on a consistent basis.

Anonymous said...

Neal brown is the guy we must bring in. He is the perfect fit for umass moving into the mac.

UMass74 said...

Re attendance:

MAC totals from Saturday

Toledo 25,910
Akron 14,500
Buffalo 13,370
BGSU 12,056
Ball State 7,160
EMU 6,772

With Big Ten, SEC and Boston College teams contracted to appear at Gillette, UMass could very well lead the MAC in attendance.

UMass73 said...

UNH probably had 10,000 of the 22,000 attendance at the game. That number of fans will not be made up by playing any MAC opponent. Only a big name opponent will draw fans. Not even BC will draw. BC and their fans don't care about UMass. BC is just going though the motions to appear politically correct by scheduling UM in football. Their fans are not going to go to Gillette. At last winter's BC/UM basketball game at the garden far less than 1,000 of the 10,000 fans were from BC and their campus is only four miles from the garden. The fact that BC didn't even bring cheerleaders or a pep band shows that they don't want to do anything that would elevate UM into any kind of popular fan supported team in Mass. The bottom line is that the only way UM will draw at Gillette is if the team wins. That doesn't look very promising for the foreseeable future.

Johnny_99 said...

Very disappointing game. And it is hardly "bandwagon" bashing when we criticize Morris...this team has underachieved for three seasons. Last year's team should have been a mortal lock for a home playoff game. And don't get me started on the kicking game, which basically cost UMass a playoff spot last year.

This team is nowhere near FBS level. The coaching staff are not FBS caliber and neither is the AD.

I'm going to miss going to games at McGuirk, and I'm going to miss going out to a post-game dinner with kids from the band. Most of all I'm going to miss the 30 minute drives home.

Anonymous said...

Hands down the funniest comments are always the ones that complain about recruiting.

The most effective defense is the one that outscores the other teams offense.

And how exactly is a BC/UMass basketball game a barometer for future UMass/BC football attendance??

Anonymous said...

To the fan who is going to miss the 30 minute drive home most of all....I have been making the 150 mile round trip to campus for 35 years. NOW it's going to be MY turn to enjoy the 30 minute ride home from Gillette.