Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday--October 24, 2011

Brandon Potvin & Perry McIntyre sack Tim Donnelly. Click for a larger view.


From the Colonial Clash:

Matty V. has three stars from the Colonial Clash.

Jeff Thomas says this is a hard team to figure out.

SeasCoastOnline reports that Kevin Decker showed his versatility.

The Union Leader states the CAA Championship is still UNH's goal.


RS FR Matt Campbell 6-1 230 is the subject of this article from the Attleboro Patch.


TSN relates CAA powers Delaware and William & Mary are not likely to make the FCS playoffs.

They also have a story on Maine making the most of the fourth quarter.


Boston College's 30-14 loss to Virginia Tech left the Eagles at 1-6 in 2011 and grasping for anything positive.


Jesse Julmiste watch:

Julmiste's 72 kickoff return yards against UNH pushed him to #3 in single season kick return totals. He now has 21 returns for 621 yards in 2011. Number #2 in season kickoff returns is Adrian Zullo (31-681 in 1998).

His current 29.57 yards/kickoff places him #1 in season kickoff return average. Currently #2 is Dennis Dent @ 28.31 in 1978. Julmiste's career totals of 35-841 yards place him at #10 in career kickoff return yards. Number 9 is Stephen Parnell at 36-881 career yards (1968-69).

Julmiste's career 24.02 yards/kickoff average place him #3 behind Gary Pearson's 24.41 (39-952  1979-82).



vetteson said...

Spoke to a player last week about the upcoming NH game. "Payback" and "were ready" and "we'll get them this time" and "we're much better now" came up. Perception and reality. Good teams know the difference.

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

Well looking at the assortment of comments made after the UNH game it is pretty obvious that we have a wide variety of opinions.

First we hope that UMass n UNH can keep these games going. This has been a great rivalry and it would be good for both teams and the region to keep playing. At the same time the crowd on Saturday was a little surprising. Seemed to be more UMass fans there than UNH fans. Was also obvious at least where we were sitting that a lot of fans are still learning what it takes to be a fan. Hopefully this will continue to improve.

For those that view games against UNH, or any other CAA Team, as automatically winnable well you need to take another look. This year EVERY TEAM IN THE CAA IS A GOOD TEAM!!!!!

To knock UNH as a less than good team is silly. UNH lost their nonleague game against a D1 team this year for the first time in about 8 years. They have beaten Ball State, Rutgers, Northwestern, Army in the last 6-8 years and beat each of them on the road.

Rhody lost by 7 to Syracuse. Syracuse just beat a very good West Virginia team last week. Maine lost by around 6 to Pitt. Richmond beat Duke for the second year in row. CAA teams do this a lot of the time.

Each CAA team has NFL caliber players on their team. Is every player NFL ready - no of course not but UConn and BC do not have NFL level players at every position each year either. Nuff about that.

This team at times looks pretty good and at other times shaky. We had 399 yards of Offense but we also had 2 costly turnovers. Good teams do not turn the ball over in the opponents end zone. We did and we paid for it. Good teams make their punts and kick offs and pat's and FG's. Our special teams are not what they should be that is for sure. For anyone to view those playing on special teams as somehow less of a player is flat out crazy. First of all that is where players get some time in before they usually play on offense or defense BUT every team has to have good special team players who know this is why they are on the team. Pick any good team at any level and you will find good special team players. Time for some players at UMass to show they can play on specials.

We are in for the long haul. For those that want every game to be a 50-0 win - get a clue. We are playing in the CAA and this league is not much of step below the MAC.

Anonymous said...

more from the Top Roww seat 2

Agree a whole lot with my partner but would also offer that we cannot play like we do on specials anymore. Get the best coverage players we can on these teams. If those on coverage cannot do what is needed then put someone else in. This is getting really old watching teams return like they do on us. Also forget kicking off deep just go to squibs and get some LB or other big body carrying the ball.

Unless we have to have 3 points GO FOR 2 from now on.

Our kickers are just not doing what is needed and come how cannot get to where they need to be.

Lastly how about having some fun when going for an XP or on offense. Our play selection is about as vanilla as vanilla can be. We have 4 games left and we can still have a good season. 3 of these games will be tough and one we better absolutely win.

My row-mate always seems to think the glass is half full. Good for him - me I just want wins now and it is time to do whatever we can to get them.

Anonymous said...

Because when players talk to fans they normally say we "aren't ready" and "we might loss by even more this year" or "we're horrible."

Perception and reality. Good fans know the difference.