Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday--October 10, 2011

Matty V. talks about CCSU HC Jeff McInerney's decision to kick to Jesse Julmiste.

He also reports Coach Morris says Kellen Pagel is still the UMass starter at QB. He has a sub-feature on Emil Igwenagu's big night against the Blue Devils.


CCSU's post game writeup.


The Worcester Telegram has a CCSU game story with a nice image of Igwenagu.

BTW, if I had to bet on the UMass senior that was most likely to make an NFL team this coming spring, I'd take Igwenagu. He'd be an H-back in the NFL.


MassLive has a seven-image photo gallery of the CCSU game by staff photographer Michael Beswick.


UMass President Robert L. Caret is embarking on a bus tour of the State to better understand how the University can better serve Massachusetts.


Things are not getting any better for Boston College. The Eagles announced that Montel Harris and Kaleb Ramsey are done for the season.

Rumors say BC was involved in blocking UConn's move to the ACC.


Victory Cruz had a wonderful twisting catch against the Seahawks yesterday and was again involved in a seriously weird play.

The Seattle Post says Cruz's greatest day turned.


The Sports Network says CAA stands for "Crazy Astonishing Agonizing".

TSN also recaps Saturday's action in FCS.



City hires mimes to reprimand bad drivers.



MinuteFan said...

My honest assessment of the game Saturday is that a win is a win is a win at this point, but I was hoping to see something that made me feel we could compete with a good CAA team, and I did not. We were out gained and out first-downed by CCSU. We take 9 penalties, they take 1. And if CCSU receivers could hold on to a pass, it could have been closer. We used to use these games as a tune-up, but this one was closer than the final score showed.

I think my biggest problem was watching Hill play. I know, no turnovers, so that was good. But all I could think of when I watched him was Drew Bledsoe. He is slow afoot and slow to make a decision. Four sacks by CCSU? Five in one quarter at ODU? He looks like he has a cannon of an arm and probably looks great in practice throwing against our secondary with no pressure. But he looks like he can't handle pressure without taking a sack. He's young, hopefully could get better, but I don't like what I see so far. Liam Coen was not athletic either, but from Day 1 could read a blitz, find the open man or throw it away. I think Pagel for all of his mistakes still gives them a better chance at this point. But its not a great menu to choose from.

Looking ahead, Villanova looks beatable. Other than that, we will be underdogs the rest of the way. At this point, I would just like to see signs of improvement against a good team. This weekend in Delaware could get very ugly.

TopUMassFan said...

The assessments of the game have been right on. Improvements were made but there is a lot of work to be done. This team is young and may be lucky to win again this year; which is ok as long as the improvements continue.

Does it surprise anyone that BC is only looking out for BC? PLEASE! The arrogance of BC is almost tangible and sickens the stomach. BC is FAR from being New England's team. As a resident of MA they're not my team either.

Someday, UMass is going to kick their --- and I hope I'm there to see it. With the Big East in need of teams, is there a chance UMass could get an invite before next year. We would bring the Boston market and be playing in a top-notch facility.

TopUMassFan said...

Is anyone surprised that BC stabbed UConn in the back? PLEASE! The arrogance of BC sickens my stomach. They think they're New England's team? They're not even MA's team. Someday, hopefully soon, were going to kick their --- and I just hope I'm there to see it.

BC stinks and, with the exception of the Flutie and Ryan years, haven't done much for a long time.

With the Big East needing teams, is there a chance we might get an invite? We will be bringing the Boston market and will be playing in a top-notch facility.

nes said...

I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that the Adminstration will jump ship to the Big East, having never played a down in either the FBS or the MAC.

Anonymous said...

I guess Tom Brady or Peyton Manning probably two of the best Quaterbacks to play the game at the highest level shouldn't be playing according to your qb assesment. I will take a sack over a turnover any day of the week. Its not the qb's responsibility to pick up the blitz its the o line and backs to do that job. The play calling was terrible, umass got a lead and instead of trying to run it up they got conservative and played not to lose.

Anonymous said...

Got to say i'm pretty shocked Hill didn't win his job back. I was at the game and I know he has patience in the pocket but he stood in there and made some great decisions and throws. I really would like to see more of him and watch him grow. He showed great potential with his arm strength, unfortunately I think the coaches have a few more hoops for him to jump through.

-Tom, Alum 89

UMass87 said...

Article in the Globe today that states UMASS may be in trouble if Temples leaves the MAC for the Big East. Very discouraging. I still think UMASS is a perfect fit for the Big East and will get in soooner rather than later. Although there's still the chance that UMASS will be left without a chair when the music stops.

nes said...

With the Big East in chaos and needing an infusion ASAP, how big would it have been to have beaten BC and not lost to ODU? Certainly would have made our appeal to the Big East much stronger, especially with Gillette within which to showcase. Those weren't losses, they were big losses!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who noticed a UMASS alum (Rick Pitino) slamming UCONN for turning their back on The Big East,as they are trying to exit to the ACCC. Meanwhile Pitino endorsed grabbing Temple for The Big East. This guy is probably, the most consistent anti UMASS alum, maybe tied with Callahan. Can we all have a good laugh when Louisville leaves the Big East for the Big 12 or SEC? Pitino is usually in no position to question anyone. Even though he only lasted for about 15 seconds. According to his former assistant's wife. What a fraud!! With friends like Pitino, we don't need enemies. Can the Alumni Association tell him to go to hell?

Anonymous said...

UMass isn't aiming for the Big East. Joining the MAC, playing Michigan x2 and Indiana; they are positioning themselves for the Big Ten. The same schools UMass has talked about modeling its academics after.